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We all know about the Instagram Egg, the Kardashians and of course about the mega film stars that run social media accounts. We can indulge in the details of their glamorous lifestyle from the comfort of our sofa. But who of them really influences us to go and get that skincare range, or dress, or book a holiday?

World Bloggers Awards has launched on a mission to set the record straight for the first time on the global scale, monitoring, evaluating, nominating and awarding the influencers that dared to step forward and apply.

More than 110 million people have been following the first ever World Blogger Awards ceremony held during Cannes Film Festival, dedicated to naming the best influencers in the world. This unprecedented fact is a true reflection of our modern reality, where each of the nominated and awarded Influencers is able to pull together an audience fit for a TV channel.

EUROPE was represented among others by the dancing millionaire Gianluca Vacchi - winner of the  Grand Prix and the title King of Instagram, Leonie Hanne, the German fashion blogger, a globe trotter and one of the most sought - after voices in the fashion industry, winner of the Best Fashion Trends Influencer title, as well as Best Sustainable Influencer title winner Greta Thunberg, a 16 years old Swedish schoolgirl, who is also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The USA took home the Best Food Influencer title. Winner  Jonathan Cheban known as Foodgod is the American reality TV shows' star, Kim Kardashian's BFF, entrepreneur and popular authentic food blogger with an impressive audience. Jonathan playfully on stage agreed to co-host part of the event, to the huge delight of his fans and audience.

ASIA send in a winner of the Best Celebrity Influencer Nusret Goekce, also known as Salt Bae. He is a Turkish butcher, chef, and restaurateur, who owns Nusr-Et, a chain of steak houses. His technique for preparing and seasoning meat became an Internet meme, followed by a medium country size audience on Instagram. Best Comedy Influencer award was taken home to India by Ashish Chanchlani - a household name to everyone who likes humor and knows the phrase in Indian, that collected over 50 million views in a few hours. India celebrated once again with Bhuvan Bam - Best Entertainment Influencer title winner, as well as other winners.

The Middle East was shining with gracious Alice, Nadine, and Farah Abdulaziz sisters presence, winners of the Best Sisterhood Influencer award, who dedicates their profiles and work to inspire and empower women from all over the world.

Latin America had a bevy of beauties taking home the Best Beauty Influencer title, awarded to elegant Erika Santos and Best Latin America Media Personality title, awarded to influential Amanda Ford.

Nominees came from the United States of America, South Africa, Brazil, France, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, Lebanon, India, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and other countries. Their influence spans through Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Many of them can be named a media powerhouse, a TV channel and entrepreneur all - in -  one. Judges had a responsibility to evaluate and rate hard to measure features such as professionalism, engagement with the audience, influence ability, sustainability, and others. The authenticity and real influencing power rather then just celebrity was taken into account, setting the record straight of who is who in the Influencers world.

The Awards ceremony was streamed live on digital channels to the global audience of over 110 million people from the iconic hotel of the celebrities - Martinez in Cannes, France. The nominees were walking on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet to huge fans delight.

"It is a new era, where social media power people have enough influence to make it or break it for basically any business. It was the right time for global scale World Bloggers Awards to be born. The dedication and work those influencers are doing must be rewarded and recognized, as many of them have to be entrepreneurs, make - up artists, CEOs and stylists in order to succeed.  We have learned a lot. We were impressed by the number of applicants and their turn out. We are delighted by the worldwide interest we received. Everybody is already looking forward to World Blogger Awards 2020" said Maria Grazhina Chaplin, event producer.

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