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CharterSync ready for flight

CharterSync ready for flight

Press release

12 June 2019

CharterSync launched at this year's Air Cargo Europe event in Munich. The new platform for time-critical air charter bookings was among the key integrated technology stories at the show, garnering lots of interest from air charter operators and freight forwarders.

CharterSync co-founders, Ed Gillett and Simon Watson headed a team of four at the show with an almost non-stop series of demonstrations of the platform and high-level talks with operators and freight forwarders. The platform, which can significantly speed up the process of finding the right air charter with time-critical cargo, also empowers freight forwarders offering them more control and transparency over their Go-Now air charter bookings.

"Munich far exceeded our expectations and the reception for CharterSync has been extremely positive and encouraging. We developed the platform based on our experience within the industry and recognising a huge gap which we could address through our combined industry knowledge and tech software expertise." Co-founder, Simon Watson said.

CharterSync co-founder, Ed Gillett commented, "Freight forwarders and time-critical air charter operators were very impressed with CharterSync and excited to begin using the system as soon as they can. This confirms our belief that digitisation provides a huge opportunity to move cargo quickly, transparently, and securely throughout the whole supply chain."

CharterSync is available through a strict registration process beginning at Further information of the system can be obtained from the website and by emailing


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For further information or to book an interview with Simon Watson or Ed Gillett from CharterSync, please contact:

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About CharterSync

CharterSync was founded by two airline pilots with a passion for aviation and a background in charter brokering and logistics. CharterSync was born from the simple idea of connecting urgent Go-Now cargo charter requests from freight forwarders directly to aircraft operators with an intelligent platform that provides greater speed and transparency to a traditionally over complicated market. Striving to be the best, we want to deliver the correct balance of innovative technology and industry knowledge to expedite Go-Now cargo charters.

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