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Priority Freight's clean sweep on plastic pollution for World Environment Day!

Priority Freight's clean sweep on plastic pollution for World Environment Day!

Press release

11 June 2019

Time-critical logistics provider Priority Freight has once again encouraged its employees to participate in this year's World Environment Day, on 5th June. Continuing the campaign which started last year, Priority Freight's Green Champions have donned high-viz vests, gloves and litter pickers and taken to the beaches of Dover once more.

Last year the Priority Freight team completed a clean-up on Shakespeare Beach and removed a total of 13 bags of rubbish, eight of which contained plastic items. The blight of plastic in the oceans, so brilliantly exposed by David Attenborough's Blue Planet series, remains a challenge that will impact marine wildlife for years to come.

Developing nations continue to have the biggest plastic waste impact on the environment, mainly due to fast-growing economies and poor waste management systems. A third of the plastic waste entering the oceans is estimated to come from China, a further 10% coming from Indonesia and countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka being the top five worst offenders.

However, a scan along a British beach especially after a busy weekend shows there is still a need for increased awareness regarding disposing of plastic and recycling.

Leader of the Green Champions at Priority Freight, Jon Slaughter said, "The levels of awareness of the issue of plastic waste in our seas and ultimately our beaches has improved, but more needs to be done to ensure marine life, birds and people are safe when they come to the seaside."

"There is a corporate responsibility as well as a personal responsibility to ensure the environmental footprint and impact we leave behind is sustainable and manageable, so future generations can enjoy life and the abundance of wildlife that makes our planet unique."

Armed with equipment provided by Dover District Council, and the approval of the Port of Dover, members of Priority Freight's environmental management team and "Green Champions" came together to complete a beach clean at Shakespeare Beach, Dover. The majority of rubbish collected was plastic bottles, cans and other mixed recyclables. A total of 8 black bags were filled, which is 5 less than what was collected in 2018.

Priority Freight's Green Champions are elated that with a raised level of awareness of plastic waste, especially single-use waste, such as plastic straws and cups, that their pickings have decreased this year.


Editors notes

Priority Freight's environmental committee has pledged to reduce the amount of single-use plastic used within the company. Starting by getting rid of all Tipp-Ex mice, removing individual water bottles and plastic cups and replacing them with glasses.

Priority Freight is proud to hold the ISO 14001 environmental accreditation. The company aims to deliver a net positive impact on the environment and continually develops initiatives to improve its environmental footprint, as outlined in the company's environmental policy.




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