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Low-cost ATMOS 22 sonic anemometer also measures wind direction


30 May 2019 

Low-cost ATMOS 22 sonic anemometer also measures wind direction

Pictured is the ATMOS 22

Labcell, the UK distributor for METER Group, is introducing the METERATMOS 22anemometer and wind direction sensor. This instrument costs less than conventional sonic anemometers, and the lack of moving parts makes it more reliable than traditional cup- or propeller-type anemometers. It therefore offers an exceptional combination of cost-effectiveness, reliability and accuracy over a very wide range of wind speeds. Furthermore, the inbuilt facility for measuring wind direction means that only one channel is required when connecting the ATMOS 22 to a data acquisition system, unlike using separate instruments for wind speed and direction.

Whereas cup-and propeller-type anemometers both suffer from inherent mechanical friction and cannot record low wind speeds, the ATMOS 22 measures speeds down to zero and detects fine-scale variations at a resolution of 0.01 m/s. The maximum wind speed that can be measured is 30 m/s. A further benefit of the sonic measurement technology is that it never needs relubrication or replacement bearings or other wear parts, so the total cost of ownership is reduced considerably.

The ATMOS 22 is designed primarily for use within plant, tree or crop canopies, for which its compact dimensions make it highly suitable. In addition, the ultra-low power consumption and minimal maintenance requirement make it an excellent choice for remote and inaccessible locations. Compared with conventional sonic anemometers, the ATMOS 22 uses 100 to 1000 times less power; as each device draws less than 100 µA, arrays of multiple anemometers can be deployed without the need to continually recharge batteries.

Installation is very quick and straightforward thanks to the integral clamp for pole-mounting and the ‘North' marking on the housing exterior for alignment with true north. Electrical connections are made using a single cable that is supplied with either a 3.5 mm jack or tinned wires.

METER Group's new ATMOS 22 anemometer is fully compatible with the company's ZENTRA Cloud system. When the plug-and-play instrument is connected to a ZL6 data logger - which automatically detects the instrument type - users can access data in near-real-time from the ZENTRA Cloud via any web browser. As the ATMOS 22 sensor uses the industry-standard SDI-12 digital data interface protocol, is can also be connected to other compatible data acquisition systems.

Typical applications for the ATMOS 22 anemometer include research in the realms of biophysics, geophysics, agriculture and environmental sciences, as well as agriculture, horticulture and arboriculture.

The ATMOS 22 is suitable for integration within networks of soil, rainfall and other instrumentation, either singly or in multiples. To complement the ATMOS 22, Labcell supplies and supports a comprehensive range of sensors and data loggers.

Labcell is the sole UK distributor for the METER range of instrumentation. Download detailed data sheets directly from Labcell's website atwww.labcell.comor contact the company with specific enquiries or to request a demonstration by telephone on +44 (0)1420 568150 or 


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