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Taekwondo kids get a kick out of sponsorship

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May 2019

Taekwondo kids get a kick out of sponsorship

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Young members of the LCD Taekwondo club in Stirling, Scotland got a big kick out of a recent sponsorship by Norbord - it helped them to stage their first-ever team tournament.

The club is run by Liz McKenna Rankin who explained how the tournament came about: "At black belt level, there are team competitions as well as contests for individuals.  However, there are very few, if any, team competitions at colour-belt level for youngsters.  We felt it would be good if they could get that experience."

Following a successful bid for company sponsorship by Dave Rankin of Norbord, the Norbord Team Challenge took place and the £800 backing allowed the purchase of bespoke medals and matting.  The day was so successful, it is hoped it will be an annual fixture.

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