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The Hunt Is On - 9th May Is National Lost Sock Day
The Hunt is ON. We Spend Over 8 Days A Year Searching For Missing Socks

Next week on May 9th we may not want to celebrate national lost sock day, but the chances are that some of us might spend up to 15 minutes of the day searching for them. 

According to new research the average UK parent spends over eight days of the year (just over 3.5 hours a week) looking for missing socks and other laundry items (such as pants and gloves), with half of those admitting to spending more than 15 minutes a day dedicated entirely for searching out elusive socks.

While time to sort out the washing in the first place remains the number one reason for lost items in the washing machine, sock-loving dogs and disorganised lifestyles are among the reasons why parents fail to keep track, a study by has revealed.

The survey of more than 2,200 people found that 40 per cent preferred to throw away their odd socks than spend as little as 10 minutes-a-day searching, whereas a third (33 per cent) preferred not to be beaten and continue their search.

·      Six in ten admitted to throwing more than 20 odd socks away each year

·      Men were more likely to throw away than keep up the search

·      Parents aged between 38-45 are more likely to throw than search

·      Up to 2/3 admitted to finding odd socks up to three months later

Homes organisation expert Louise Floodgate of Messy Moo Lifestyle says: “It’s a shame that so many people have admitted to using their hard-earned holidays to sort out their washing and odd sock sorting when all that’s needed is a bit of time and forward planning.” 

Popasox aims to solve the nations sock woes by adding a 'popper' meaning pairs can be tied together. Parents in particular have called the product "genius". 
Sarah Barnes, 20 from South London, is a student and said, "By popping the socks together I don't have to spend forever sorting out the laundry. As a student I don't have my own washing machine so this method means I will always know where those elusive socks are!" 


Survey by Survey Monkey. 
2241 respondents were questioned between January-April, 2019 on behalf of Popasox.