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Looking Fantastic needn't be a Drag


Looking fantastic needn't be a Drag


La Voix is a girl who could teach us a thing or two about make up. The most recognisable face in the business has a tried and tested routine that takes under an hour from Now to Wow!


Stunning BGT finalist and international Star La Voix, aka Chris Dennis, tells us about the incredible makeover which transforms the performer in less than 60 minutes and that includes wig and dressing. Chris explains that : "My essentials in my make-up bag are my homemade lashes which consist of 3 pairs stuck together to get the desired length and fullness. Also, I have a foundation in an aerosol can from the States which is amazing, sweat proof and quick! I literally spray my face and done!" Anyone who associates drag queens with the O.T.T. delights of Rue Paul and co is in for a wake up call. Yes, it is larger than life, of course it's showbiz, but the La Voix look is also classy, considered and very, very professional. This is no Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This is a beautiful, sophisticated woman who would not be out of place at a Vogue fashion shoot.


In person, Chris is a softly spoken soul who seems a world away from the razamatazz of La Voix, best known for receiving four yes's, a judges standing ovation and becoming a semi-finalist on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT 2014. Her final audition alone received 300,000 YouTube hits in the first 24 hours and it was obvious she was here to stay. Perhaps unusually for a drag artiste, La Voix presents a show which embodies good clean fun. There is no swearing, just energy, glamour and a lot of feathers. 


Her alter ego Chris has always been obsessed with make-up. As Pamela Anderson's Make-up Artist and PA, Chris was responsible for getting the Baywatch legend camera ready whenever she was in the UK and before this, he trained with Laura Mercier herself at her home in France. "Practice, Practice, practice and learning from one of the top make-up artists in the world probably helped me to perfect my stage look", he says: "I get so many letters asking for make up advice and I would love to teach my secret techniques full time. At the moment though La Voix has taken over somewhat and I have to go with the Diva!"


A 2017/8 global emphasis on the labour-intensive and often misjudged ‘contouring' look, which shot into the mainstream via reality stars across the Atlantic is finally fading from our Instagram feed. The Spring '18 runways feature not only a very ‘cool' palette, but some unexpected flashes of pure La Voix, featuring pops of electric pink on the lips and lashes, flecks of golden glitter, and metallic foiled lips. The tide is turning towards classic old-fashioned glamour, harking back to traditional Hollywood at the height of its powers and personified in Miss La Voix, who is back on tour this year in ‘Live, Loud and Fabulous', playing to sold out venues across the UK. With eyelashes on fleek, naturally.