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Your Sock Drawer Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter
While your phone might be the latest when was the last time you upgraded your sock drawer?

In a recent survey by Popasox, half of those admitted to searching for an elusive sock for up to 15 minutes a day - 15 minutes!

That's a quarter of an episode of Game of Thrones and we're using it to search for socks?

Surely in this tech focussed world we can solve this issue and stop men, women and children from spending up to 8-days of the year from sock hunting.

Popasox! They're socks with a nifty popper sewn in so that once they're ready to go in the wash you can 'pop' them together. Voila! No more hunting for the missing sock and it makes tidying up your sock drawer an absolute breeze.

If you would like more information on Popasox, or the recent survey results, do let me know. With tons of patterns to choose and only £6 per pair, your sock drawer could be about to get organised.

Key results include:

More than 2,200 people found that 40 per cent preferred to throw away their odd socks than spend as little as 10 minutes-a-day searching, whereas a third (33 per cent) preferred not to be beaten and continue their search.

·      Six in ten admitted to throwing more than 20 odd socks away each year

·      Men were more likely to throw away than keep up the search

·      Parents aged between 38-45 are more likely to throw than search

·      Up to 2/3 admitted to finding odd socks up to three months later

HoHomes organisation expert Louise Floodgate of Messy Moo Lifestyle says: “It’s a shame that so many people have admitted to using the Easter hols to sort out their washing and odd sock sorting when all that’s needed is a bit of time and forward planning.”