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11 year old boy scoots from Amsterdam to Dunkirk



11 year old boy rides his scooter from Amsterdam to Dunkirk

On Good Friday, Brighton schoolboy Finley Elfer arrived back in the UK after completing a journey of over 300km on his scooter with his mum.

The duo decided to spend the Easter holidays bonding on the epic adventure with just a backpack of spare clothes and GPS. The journey took 7 days and they averaged 4-5 hours a day on the road scooting between Airbnb rooms and campsites. The route stretched from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, through Belgium and into France before boarding a ferry bound for Dover at Dunkirk.

Finley said:

"My best bit was probably finding the ferry terminal at the end and scooting past all the massive lorries! The morning was tough because mum had miscalculated the distance and we had and additional 20km to squeeze in that day. It meant skipping lunch and racing the whole way through. We got there with just 15 minutes to spare. When we arrived on the boat she bought me a ginger beer and a big slice of rainbow cake though so I totally forgive her. We've had an awesome adventure together!"

The mum and son team got into scooting last year and wanted to see how far they could travel on a standard commuter scooter but found them tricky and slow to use on bumpy surfaces. When mum Katie discovered the niche sport of foot-biking - scooters built with larger wheels and pneumatic tyres she quickly saw the opportunity to go on a longer adventure.

Mum, Katie Elfer said:

"It's a popular sport in the Czech Republic and Finland...but not so much in Sussex. We saved to buy a study model and then had a few challenges working out how to attach our luggage. In the end we could only fit a 15ltr handlebar bag each so we didn't leave us much space for any luxuries. Going with your child is a bit terrifying - I was worried about navigating the routes, busy roads, losing stamina and blisters. We made a pact that we'd support one another and I can honestly say that both of us needed that boost at some point along the way! Fin has massively impressed me and I couldn't have had a better partner for the ride. I'm so proud of him. We are both totally shattered, but it's been an exhilarating adventure that we'll never forget."



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