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Press release: Benson, the ultimate hands-free unisex belt bag by Lisa Lemon


Press release: 17thApril 2019


Benson, the ultimate hands-free unisex belt bag by Lisa Lemon



The Benson is the ultimate belt bag by Lisa Lemon the company who were at the forefront of the belt bag, (formerly, and whisper it, the bum bag), a bag that started a revolution, a bag that is great for men and women, a bag worn around the waist allowing you to tackle daily life head on and hands-free.

Designed for living, the Benson belt bag is designed and made in England using soft Italian leather that is treated with vegetable dyes during the tanning process helping to keep our precious planet just a little bit cleaner.

The ultimate multi-tasker, with the belt removed it becomes a stunning clutch bag for the ladies and for the men a great looking man bag.

It is an incredibly versatile bag that allows you the flexibility of having your essentials with you leaving your hands free. It also offers a secure alternative to carrying wallets and phones in jeans pockets. The Benson makes the perfect travelling companion.

The bag features an internal phone pocket to keep things organised and a clip that can be used inside the bag for accessories or outside for sunglasses. The bag measures approx. 25x19cm and is available in navy and brown. The belt is adjustable and is fitted with Sam Brown fasteners.

The coordinating wallet can be clipped inside the bag; they are small but fiercely protective of your valuables.


Note to Editors:

Lisa Lemon Benson Belt Bag £168.00 coordinating wallet £88.00. 


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