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Corby ultra-low energy housing consortium delighted to be part of BEIS








A home-building project that is using the latest modern methods of construction and aiming for ultra-low energy usage among its 47 homes, is one of five case studies collaborating with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on its "Building for 2050" research project. 

The homes currently under construction at Priors Hall Park in Corby use a unique combination of technologies to reduce energy use to such an extent, that they will be ultra-low energy users and, in some circumstances, may mean no energy bill at all for residents.

Electricity, heating and hot water are all generated by the homes themselves using a range of technologies, all optimised by a (discreet) smart home energy management system.

Project Etopia Group, the developer of the site, is working with Caplin Solar and the Carbon Free Group to bring together solar photovoltaic and thermal panel, heat pump, inter-seasonal heat storage and battery technologies to meet the new homes' energy needs.

Those energy needs are also minimised in the first place as Project Etopia brings the very latest modular construction and design to create inexpensive, highly energy efficient homes.

Carbon Free Group chief technology officer Anthony Morgan said: "Carbon Free Group is delighted to be collaborating with BEIS on the Building for 2050 research project. Our approach to the sustainability elements of the project through the implementation of the Home Quality Mark and M&E design including; energy storage and building management to analyse how the 47 Corby homes will be using energy will enable much more efficient management of all the technologies in the properties. It will mean electricity, heat and hot water usage will be at very low cost in the homes, and potentially zero cost depending on energy usage."

Project Etopia chief executive Joseph Daniels said: "In Corby, we're demonstrating how eco-modular houses are going to revolutionise housing provision in this country. Our inexpensive modular homes are equipped with energy saving technology and smart home equipment as standard. We are determined that they are not only going to be cheaper and quicker to build but more desirable than traditional bricks and mortar, which has proven incapable as a building method of solving the housing crisis."

Electric Corby CIC co-founder Nick Bolton said: "This pioneering project in Corby is demonstrating how a more modern approach to building new homes can not only deliver comfortable, spacious homes but homes with ultra-low or no energy bills. With these homes available to buy this spring, we are delighted to be collaborating with BEIS to help prove how these technologies can make all new homes fit for the future."


For more information, please contact Nick Bolton at Electric Corby on 07734 871066,




Notes to editors

Project Etopia produces modular homes and high-quality school buildings that can be built in under four weeks. Its designs incorporate pre-installed energy-efficient technology such as solar power, heat recovery, mechanical ventilation and Passive House architectural design features to ensure each building is capable of producing more energy than it needs.


Carbon Free Group works to decarbonise the environment by managing projects, products, process and policy.

Electric Corby is a Community Interest Company that aims to make Corby the leading demonstrator location for future sustainable living



Acting as Main Contractor for Etopia Corby, Leicestershire-based Caplin Homes specialises in building energy efficient houses for individuals, independent developers and housing associations across the UK. Using the most sustainable and energy efficient materials available, their houses offer dramatically reduced heating and maintenance costs. With over 40 years' experience of building, Caplin Homes is committed to closing the performance gap and improving low carbon building techniques

Caplin Solar, is a sister company of Caplin Homes and a pioneer in integrated renewable energy systems for new build applications. The company invented and manufactures the "Earth Energy Bank", a commercially viable thermal energy storage system for which it holds UK and international patents, and which is being deployed in the etopia Corby development.


Carbon Free Group CIC

Carbon Free Group is a Community Interest Company that aims to accelerate decarbonisation across all areas of the built environment through the connected innovations and collaborative working of our members.   We bring together and co-ordinate a wide range of member organisations and professionals, representing the forefront of innovation and best practice and harnessing expertise in all aspects of sustainable, healthy and circular economy approaches to design, construction and behavioural change.  Our work with Electric Corby and the Etopia Corby project includes the modeling and design of the developments integrated energy system, providing insights into new energy opportunities, and helping to inform the design and build system methodology.

Priors Hall Park

One of the UK's largest home building projects - creating 5,094 new homes. Set in 965 acres of parkland in Northamptonshire; the aim is to create a thriving community with a wide variety of local and national house builders already active on site. Acquired by Urban&Civic in 2017.