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Going to dentist is highlight Of Ross-On-Wye Man’s Hols

Going to dentist is highlight

Of Ross-On-Wye Man's Hols


No one likes to go to the dentist but Ross-On-Wye retired local authority education officer David Haworth now views  it as the highlight of a recent family holiday to Europe.

For he successfully combined a mini-break to the beautiful city of Budapest in Hungary with getting his teeth fixed - and what he saved on the dental work more than paid for the trip for him and his wife.

Not that he didn't experience some trepidation about booking into the Kreativ Dental Clinic, even though the company founded dental tourism and has held  the title of the International Dental Clinic of 2018 Europe for several years.

"My mates tried to put the wind up me about going to the dentist abroad but I had done my homework," he recalls. "And any apprehension I had disappeared within an hour of getting there."

Unlike most patients who are increasingly opting to go abroad for dental treatment because of the huge costs here, David went with the blessing of his UK dentist. "She comes from Romania so she told me I would get excellent treatment in Eastern Europe," he says.

However, he did decide to turn the trip into a holiday with a visit to the clinic for treatment being conditional on what he found when he arrived there. "My  thinking was if I didn't like what I saw, I would simply carry on with my holiday. But I couldn't fault it.

"So in between visiting museums and spas with my wife, I was in the dentist's chair getting treatment as good as anything you can find in the UK - at half the cost." He even got the cost of his British Airways flight refunded as part of the deal.

With an unsightly gap in his teeth which needed two implants and a potential bill in the UK of £6,000, he ended up paying less than half that having taken into account all travel and hotel costs. That included two trips to Budapest, the first involved the implants and the second the fitting of the crowns.

"I'd already had three implants in the UK previously, so I am in a good position to compare the work - and the standard in Budapest certainly isn't second best.

"And despite the fact that it seems daunting to travel 1,200 miles to go to a dentist, when you end up on what was effectively a paid-for holiday with substantial savings for top quality treatment, then I would recommend it to anyone . . ."



























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