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Barking Bonkers CEO

"Barking bonkers" Norwich CEO Ignores Friends

To Travel 1,200 miles for a dental appointment


Having had her front teeth knocked out in an accident when she stood behind a hockey stick wielding school friend when she was just 13, Kathryn Horton from Norwich had to wear a bridge for more than 30 years.

Naturally over time, the bridge suffered from wear and tear, then she lost a tooth and suddenly she was left with a gap which destroyed the confidence of the CEO of the Turning Factor Training and Development which has branches in Norwich and Cambridge.

Unable to smile and avoiding photographs at all costs, she discussed having remedial dental treatment but with estimates of costs as high as £9,000, she decided to look further afield.

Having seen an article in the Sunday Times about the Keativ Dental Clinic of Budapest, the founders of dental tourism and for several years the holders of the International Dental Clinic Award, she began to investigate further.

"My friends though I was barking bonkers but the more I read, the more I thought I need to do this," she recalls. "Even then though I was nervous. It looked good but was it a con? Was it going to be a disaster? It is so easy to make things look better than they are on the Internet.

"It was a bizarre experience to go to a dentist over there but honestly I couldn't fault it."

She arrived with her husband James and they were immediately impressed by the fact that Kreativ is the only clinic with a desk at the airport. Then there was a car to take them to the four star hotel which had a special menu for patients, and the hourly shuttle which ferried them between the hotel and the clinic for appointments.

"Everything but everything is done for you, it is so professional," she says. "Immediately James and I thought this is a good business and they have everything sussed. And when you are in business yourself, you can appreciate this. They have done a fantastic job."

Kathryn ended up paying £2,900 for the treatment which included two trips to Budapest and included her hotel bills - just one third of what she would have been charged back home in Norwich.

"When I saw the final result, I was thrilled, thrilled, thrilled," she insists. "I think so highly of Kreativ that I can recommend anyone who needs restorative work to head over there now . . ."




Kathrine Horton

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