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Bye Bye Hubby


Trish has a reason to smile -

Getting rid of her husband

Trish McGowan of Wainfleet, Lincolnshire has recently celebrated her 70th birthday but looks 20 years younger after travelling more than 1.200 miles to go to a specialist dental clinic to get a new smile. And the only person who isn't happy about it is her now former husband.

The retired Royal Mail management trainer gave up on her dentist in Skegness after he told her she would have to settle for a denture, after initially promising to improve the look of her teeth, because she was unsuitable for implants because she suffered from "an awkward bite."

Not only that but he had put the total cost of remedial work - if the decision had been to go ahead - at £40,000.

Trish had gone to her dentist in the UK because previous work he had done - a crown and a veneer - were starting to shine out like beacons as the remainder of her teeth began to show natural signs of aging.

At first, the local dentist decided she needed an implant but later reported back that the implantologist he consulted had said she wouldn't be able to cope with the treatment because of the bite problems.

"So he said, I'll take out a loose tooth and get you a plate. I said you won't as that's the last thing I want," she recalls. "And I said I won't be coming back here again."

Dreading the thought of false teeth, Trish headed to Budapest and the Kreativ Dental Clinic, the winner of the International Dental Clinic of the Year 2018 Award and the company which had effectively founded dental tourism.

"I had read a lot of good things about them but naturally I had some trepidation about going over. But I thought blow me I'm going to do it and I did." she recalls. "But I needn't have worried. I found the whole thing from start to finish A star."

With the clinic having its own desk at the airport, she was warmly greeted and whisked by private transport to her hotel. Then she simply took the shuttle bus which ran between the hotel and the clinic to go back and forward for her treatment.

"Everything that happened, I couldn't fault from start to finish," she recalls. "The clinic itself was something to die for. It just makes me ashamed that we don't have somewhere like that over here.

"They were brilliant and even have the latest technology to fix my bite for me."

She was even surprised at the cost of the treatment.

"I had set aside a mental budget of £25,000 but it only cost £14,000. They came up with eight different configurations when I was assessed and I went for the top of the range."

The Kreativ dental team actually removed four teeth and placed four implants with abutments which meant Trish returned with a full set of 26 teeth having only gone out there with 19.

"When I had them popped in for the dress rehearsal, they were amazing. And when I got home my best friend said I looked 20 years younger - and I did," she remembers.

"The only person who didn't like them was my husband.  He accused me of only having it done to make myself look better, which I was. So that ended up with a lot arguments, the end result being I kicked him out . . ."  =ends-




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