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Contestants battle it out to be property investment millionaires

Touchstone Education launches X Factor style competition 


Up to 25 property investors are competing to be the first to generate £1million by the end of 2019 in a contest organised by Touchstone Education, a Doncaster-based wealth education training company.

Around 40 contestants submitted a business plan at the start of the year and those who passed an initial audition are being ‘mentored’ by judges before facing a public vote in December.

The aim of the Millionaire Maker Challenge is to help as many contestants as possible to generate a turnover of £1million or more.

The first to reach the target will receive a VIP package worth £15,000 including an all-expenses paid trip to a Formula One race weekend with Touchstone.

The company, which runs courses and seminars across the UK focused on investment in property, launched the competition as a way of bringing together staff and investors to share their experiences and expertise.

Paul Smith, Touchstone’s chief executive, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to impart our knowledge and this X-Factor style competition helps to generate some energy and excitement around the process.

“By adding a competitive edge, there’s an added incentive for our investors, with help from our staff, to push themselves further make their property portfolios worker harder for them.”

Paul added: “We’ve already seen some early wins for our investors and, even at this early stage, several are on course to reach the £1million mark by the end of the year.”

In January investors on Touchstone’s Platinum Property Mastermind programme submitted entries. Along with their business plans, each was asked to explain what they wanted from the  process and what they hoped to achieve, other than additional profits.

A final group of 25 contestants was selected by judges, based on the quality of their submissions and on their determination to succeed.

They have been split into two teams, one mentored by Paul and Touchstone’s Managing Director Abi Hookway, and the other mentored by Paul’s wife and business partner Aniko and the company’s Commercial Director Gordon Dutfield, with each battling to produce the first millionaire.

After visiting judges’ houses for an intensive training weekend, the contestants are now putting their business plans into practice with help and advice from mentors during weekly catch-up sessions.

Each contestant is keeping a video diary to provide a record of their investment journey.  

Touchstone Education is the first provider of wealth education training in the UK to be certified by the CPD Certification Service.

The company, which runs courses and seminars across the UK focused on investment in property, is recognised by the industry watchdog for the effectiveness and integrity of its training.

The certification means it is the only company of its kind that can issue CPD accreditation certificates to people who successfully undergo its free and paid for training courses.

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 as the UK’s leading independent institution for measuring and accrediting continuing professional development across multiple industries and sectors.

The service works with industry and education to ensure that academic and practical qualifications do not become out-dated or obsolete, allowing individuals to continually ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ themselves, regardless of occupation, age or educational level.

Touchstone, founded by Paul and Aniko in 2004, promises ‘freedom through knowledge’ with a series of training courses, ranging from an online webinar to ongoing monthly learning as well as masterclasses and other learning materials.

The ethos of the company is to ‘liberate’ people who have the means but not necessarily the knowledge to exploit opportunities to make money from the property market. Its customers come from a range of background and age-groups, from those who want to dip their toe in the property market to those looking to make it their career.

The company operates a series of Six figure Summit throughout the year across the UK where learned spend two full days of intensive training with Touchstone Education’s top professionals where they are given access to high value knowledge about proven property investment strategies.

Delegates who wish to learn more can attend follow-on specialist workshops on topics such asserviced accommodation and commercial portfolio management.

All the course materials are created in-house and owned by the company. As well as trading in the UK, there are plans to introduce Touchstone courses in the US, Europe and the Middle East.



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