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Press release: The Wingback 100ml Hip – Hip flasks just got hip!


Press release 22ndMarch 2019




The Wingback 100ml Hip - Hip flasks just got hip!



New from London design studio Wingback is The 100ml Hip, designed and made in the UK from aerograde stainless steel. The launch will be supported by a Kickstarter campaign going live during April 2019.

Regarded as a gentleman's most trusted travel companion, the hip flask is iconic and whilst the traditional shape serves a purpose Wingback believed that it could be better, more robust, easier to clean and less prone to leaks.

Wingback eliminated the need for seams by using an unbroken cylindrical design, CNC machined from virtually indestructible aerograde stainless steel for ultimate precision.

In true Wingback style the result is an eye-catching design, a product that is robust, resilient, leak-proof and spill-proof, dishwasher safe, tactile and adventure ready.

The flask has a capacity of 100ml and weighs in at 180 grams; it is large enough to share a sip between friends but small enough to make it easy to carry on any journey.

The flask has a large lid and a screw removable base which makes filling and pouring mess free and every nook and cranny can be properly cleaned. On the base is a discreet lip detail which serves as a handy bottle cap opener.

Note to Editors:

Wingbacks mission is to break the mould of identical, disposable fashion and offer bespoke products to their customers that will last for many journeys. Every Wingback product is designed to improve with age, be a pleasure to use and become cherished for life.

Wingback 100ml Hip £120, with customisation £130 from Wingback London


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