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One woman's mission to close the £250bn gap [#RoseReview]

#RoseReview gives call to arms for female entrepreneurs to add £250bn to UK economy.

New book by leading business expert reveals the strategies that help ‘unlock the untapped potential in women'


The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship identifies recommendations on female led businesses to improve start up and scale ups rates which could contribute to £250bn to the UK economy.

One woman, leading business and mindset strategist for female entrepreneurs, Lenka Lutonska, is on a mission to do just this and the secrets are all in her new book: Energetic Selling and Marketing where she shares the powerful principles of closing sales and marketing your business creating extraordinary results. Her clients have collectively added an estimated £10m to their sales revenues over the last 10 years.

Alison Rose of RBS says: "We need to be more ambitious and find ways to unlock the huge untapped potential". Lenka Lutonska's book does just this, and much more. It is the female entrepreneur's essential companion and guide which will help the readers achieve a more energetic and confident approach to growing their businesses.



EnergeticSelling & Marketing:A New Way to Create Extraordinary Growth in Your Business


By: Lenka Lutonska


Published by: Fitzrovia Press 22.3.19

Price: £14.99


ISBN: 978-0-9570722-5-1



In her book, readers learn that if they improve their mindset and communication techniques, their sales and marketing strategies will be transformed, and substantial growth will follow. Take this testimonial from client Leigh Daniel:

"Lenka marries business growth strategies with powerful mindset and energy work in a way that I had never experienced before. Using her principles, I tripled my multiple-six-figure business in six months and went over £1,000,000,"

By changing mindset, this will also help with increasing the confidence that is often so lacking in female businesses leading to a gap between men and women which the report states that only one in three entrepreneurs is female.

Author Lenka Lutonska says:

"The current gender gap amongst start-ups is truly shocking - and represents an incredible opportunity lying ahead of us. I am grateful to Alison Rose for her remarkable contribution and I propose that we women can do a lot to close this gap on individual level; learn to let go of fear of judgement, ask for all the support we deserve, sell ourselves and our ideas with greater confidence and take bigger risks. 

Women tend to have imposter syndrome which manifests as self-doubt, a paralysing inner voice telling them that they are not of value or good enough alongside a fear of failure and judgement so they easily fall into a place of low confidence and give up ....

...I draw on their powerful feminine skills to help them find success, discover their genius and what their soul was really born to do, grab opportunities and make them a lot of money from it along the way!"

Lenka is a true success story and has learnt her trade the hard way. She came to the UK from Slovakia aged 19 with a dream to 'change the world' to work as an au pair. This didn't work out so she found herself a job in MacDonalds as a cleaner. They soon spotted talent and relentless hard work and she got promoted to management level where she helped boost restaurants performance.  She saw the talent in everyone and refused to let weaker members of the teams be ‘moved on'.  So it was here that she was honing her techniques in getting the best out of people, coupled with attending night classes to become a Master NLP practitioner.

She has worked her way up from the bottom to become one of Europe's leading business and mindset strategists for women in business.

On March 22nd, she is hosting a book launch cum panel discussion aptly entitled:

Where are all the female business leaders? How a new approach to supporting women in business can revitalise our economy.

During this expert panel discussion, the male and female panelists will be:

  • exploring the entrepreneurial gender bias
  • challenging the preconceptions and blocks that women face
  • proposing a radical rethink on how we teach women to become successful entrepreneurs so that we can redress the balance and more women can gain access to the resources they need.

Venue: Friday 22nd March 9.30am-11.30am

The Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Aldwych, London WC2B 4DD

Press invites available, please contact:

For all press enquiries contact:
Amanda Ruiz

Tel 07711 419595



Notes to editors:

The panel of experts on the discussion panel include:

Penny Power OBE - Founder of Ecademy, Digital Youth Academy, The Business Café and author of theDigital Business Britain Manifesto. In her latest book,Business is Personal, Penny explores the challenges of women's entrepreneurship and the reality of growing a successful business. Penny was awarded an OBE for her contribution to entrepreneurship in 2014.

John Williams - founder of The Ideas Lab and bestselling author of Screw Work, Let's PlayandScrew Work, Break Free. Both books have been recommended by The Sunday Times and translated into nine languages. John is also a judge for the Business Book Awards 2019 and an advocate for adapting our entrepreneurial styles to new environments.

Andrew Eggelton - an Australasian TV personality turned international presenting coach, Andrew turns female speakers into world-class speakers - and has a unique insight into the challenges women face when using their voice to create impact and success.

Lenka Lutonska - an internationally renowned business and mindset strategist, supporting female entrepreneurs from over 30 countries to achieve extraordinary growth. Lenka has written for Entrepreneur Magazine is the author of the forthcoming book, Energetic Selling and Marketing. She is hosting this panel discussion as a part of her book launch, as she is determined to rise to this gender success gap in entrepreneurship challenge and tackle the reasons behind it head on, in order to empower women around the world to start up and grow successful businesses.