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Press Release: UK and Australia Partner to Build Global High Performing Teams


 For Immediate Release - Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Team Dynamics Global Launches a ‘Trust and Flow' Revolution in Australia

In a world first, Oxford-based Team Dynamics Global has partnered with leading Australian coaches and leadership experts to take its style of liberating leaders and transforming teams to a new audience, and a new level.

Says founder of Team Dynamics Global, Paul Avins, ‘We were looking for the right partner to help drive the expansion of our company and met Yvette Martin, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach at a high-level Leadership retreat, in Bali.  She has all of the drive, commitment, talents and energy we were looking for to succeed in Australia.'

Dedicated to transforming trust and flow for leaders, teams and organisations, Paul, an award-winning business growth coach, speaker and business transformation expert, has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders over the last 15 years, helping bring about positive change with individuals, teams and company cultures. After working with Team Dynamics, businesses typically achieve an average 30 percent increase in revenues less than 90 days after investing in the transformational training.

He says, ‘By enabling individuals to understand their unique talents and profiles using ourFive Keys to High Performing Teamsformula, the leaders we work with experience rapid growth in revenues and morale. We do this by helping individuals to understand their unique talents and profiles.'

He adds, ‘When we're asked to step in and help business leaders improve their teams, we often meet individuals who are out of flow, and therefore fail to engage effectively with their colleagues to operate as a single, collaborative organisation. That's what we're here to change.

‘We've taken disciplines from winning sporting and military fields, who invest heavily in teamwork and creating team flow, and have blended them with our own learning systems to help business leaders reduce attrition and improve employee engagement while delivering outstanding growth results.'

Since embarking with Team Dynamics in Australia and launching the Australian Team Dynamics website earlier this month, Yvette has quickly taken on a number of  new clients.

Says Yvette, ‘Team Dynamics Global is all about liberating leaders and transforming teams by building trust that flows from the inside of the company through its people to their customers. With the framework we provide, business leaders can develop their people into high performing teams, and scale more quickly than ever before.'



Paul Avins & Yvette Martin Join Forces in Bali

   Team Dynamics Global was founded by Paul Avins in 2017.

   Team Dynamics Australia was launched in February 2019 by Yvette Martin, an industry leading strengths coach and facilitator.

   Paul Avins is an award-winning business coach with over  15 years' experience having trained over 3,500 Entrepreneurs to scale their companies.

   In 2014 Paul Avins suffered a near-fatal heart attack. It took four-and-a-half minutes to resuscitate him. The experience led him to find his own Flow and then help entrepreneurs recruit, lead and build high performing teams to free themselves up from life-threatening workloads.



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Paul Avins,CEO, Head Coach and Trainer

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