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Mycarcheck: sunshine a welcome boost for sports car and motorcycle sales market guide: February 2019

Spring sunshine a welcome boost for sports car and motorcycle sales



  • Used car of the month:BMW Z4 M (2006-08)
  • Used bike of the month:GSX-S1000 (2015-)'s valuationexpertsrevealsignificant trends in the UK used vehicle market andchoose a car and bike of the month.


Vehicle valuation,Stuart Wilson,said:"As we eagerly look forward to the sunshine of spring, the thought of a sports car comes to mind. There are many affordable used options, but we've picked the BMW E86 Z4 M Coupe. Sharing many components with the E46 M3, it has all the ingredients, including limited slip differential, anti-roll bar mounts and braking system. Unlike the rest of the Z4 range, the Z4 M uses hydraulic steering. It also has a wider front track, revised front suspension and steering geometry. The 3.2-litre straight six engine generates 330bhp, propelling it to 60mph in just five seconds, and the six-speed manual gearbox makes it a real driver's car. A clean 2006-08 example with full service history should cost around £20k, but there are higher mileage examples for closer to £15k. As always, and particularly with secondhand performance cars, check the history before buying."


As to market trends,Wilsonsaid: "Trends in fuel choice continue to be quite different in the new and used markets. New diesel registrations for January were down 20.3% on the same month last year, with petrol up by 7.3% and alternative fuels by 26.3%. Expect alternative fuels' share to rise as more manufactures launch electric versions across their full vehicle range. In the used market, there is still an appetite for diesel and even talk of stock shortages. Meanwhile, fleet and business buyers in particular await confirmation on how changes to vehicle taxation will affect them."


On the motorbike, scooter and moped sector,'s Mark Fieldsaid:"A few years ago, with demand for 1000cc sports bikes dwindling in the UK and appetite for ‘naked' bikes flourishing, Suzuki wisely introduced an unfaired version of the mighty GSXR-1000. The GSX-S1000 might be a little down on power compared to its sportier cousin but, as anyone who's ridden a naked bike on a track knows, triple digit speeds with no fairing or wind protection quickly become tiresome. So, instead of trying to be an ultimate track weapon, the GSX-S was tuned for the road, with a stretched-out wheelbase and a slacker head angle making for a far more comfortable ride. In terms of equipment, it comes with three-way traction control, Brembos, fully adjustable forks and an LCD dash. The GSX-S1000 is a tempting proposition both new and used but, at around £6,000-£6,500, a clean 2015 model becomes very attractive."


As to market trends,Fieldsaid:"Spring is in the air and that's always good news for the motorcycle industry. However, the disorientation of Brexit continues to distract consumers and business owners from the thought of a new bike or, in the case of potential new riders, from even acquiring a licence. The next few months could be either be quite tough or business as usual - no one knows - and that uncertainty makes buying decisions more complicated for dealers looking to build up their stock levels in readiness for the upcoming season."


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