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New middle grade (8-12) fiction for World Book Day - The Ghosteleers!


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The Ghosteleers

By Philip Beicken


In this fast-paced, middle-grade tale of good versus evil, Norman clumsily stumbles from one mishap to another and must rely on his cat to always save the day. Their adventures are always funny, light-hearted and often amazing.  Together, they can achieve almost anything.

When Norman accidently blows himself up with his pet cat, Morph, they awake to find themselves in a new and mysterious world. Greeted by the bubbly Sir Poop, the pair are invited to join an elite, highly trained team of Ghosteleers. Their ongoing mission - to protect very special humans from harm by using their amazing ghostly powers.


Unfortunately for Norman, he quickly discovers his skilful cat is the one with the ability and brains.


Assisted by the talented Tabris and the Portal Engineer Potts, the unlikely heroes find themselves battling horrid, stinky creatures called Horags, who would like nothing better than to destroy the protected humans. Once the intrepid duo travel through the Ghosteleer's magical portal, they have just 60 minutes to locate the exceptional person and ensure they survive whatever is thrown at them by the forces of evil.


After it is revealed that a super-human has been found on Earth and that person will go on to be the salvation of people everywhere, the stakes suddenly become incredibly high. Only the very best Ghosteleer can save the super-human from the wicked Horag and its mighty winged master, Apollyon.


The most important fight in the history of the planet is about to take place. Thankfully, Norman's cat is going to be there.


About the Author

Philip Beicken was born in Galway, Ireland, grew up in England and has a German passport. Incredibly, he found someone special who would accept him as a husband 23 years ago and they have two great kids in their family home based in West Sussex. Philip also has two kittens named Molly and Marley, who like nothing more than chasing every leaf, butterfly and frog in the garden.


Even at an early age, Philip enjoyed creating fast paced, light-hearted stories filled with heroes, heroines and villains. His love of all sports, especially tennis and badminton, keeps him active for large spells during the week. When he's not writing, he runs his own business as a 360 videographer, which has enabled him to film in the USA and Europe.



Title:The Ghosteleers

Author:Philip Beicken


Publisher:Hashtag Press

Publication date:8 March 2019

Availability:Paperback, eBook

ISBN: 9781999805395

Price: £6.99

Author website:


Press folder:

Online profile:


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