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Chocolate Facial


Deluxe Chocolate Collaboration to Benefit Injured Servicemen


In a unique collaboration between the Harley Street Skin Clinic and Artisan du Chocolat, The Deluxe Chocolate Facial is being launched in time for Valentine's Day to benefit injured servicemen.


Described as 'a chocolate immersion experience that benefits the skin, mood and best of all, taste buds,' The Deluxe Chocolate facial is the inspiration of Lesley Reynolds, co-founder of Harley Street Skin and the charity Back on Track.


Back on Track was set up to facilitate the resettlement into society of former members of the armed forces who have been wounded either physically or psychologically. Under the auspices of Lesley Reynolds and Dr Aamer Khan the charity has performed ground-breaking work on behalf of servicemen and women through reconstructive surgery, counselling and social support providing seriously injured men and women self-confidence, strength and independent living.


In an unprecedented collaboration with Anne Weyns-Papaleo, the ‘co-founder and chief chocolate adventurer' of Artisan du Chocolat, a network of chocolate boutiques throughout London, Lesley is seeking to harness the unique properties of chocolate that benefit not only our skin but also our mood and well-being.


Lesley commented: "I devised this multi-sensory facial to be not only restorative and healing but as decadent as possible. I chose Artisan du Chocolat because the product is hand crafted in their UK atelier and the quality is divine, as evidenced by the number of Michelin-starred restaurants they supply. 


"One of the most famous properties of chocolate is phenylethylamine, the chemical released in our brains when we fall in love. Smelling it makes us happy, as well as blissfully relaxed."


Combining the finest warm chocolate with Rosina's Lotions & Potions Rose Perfecting Oil and a refreshing finish with Rosina's Rose Velvet Skin Tonic, Lesley has created an ultra-hydrating face treatment, rich in cocoa butter, iron and magnesium. Cocoa not only deep cleanses, it brightens and smooths the complexion offering instant lift, and combined with the gentle balm of roses this facial truly is a treat for the senses. 


Clients can choose from two delicious options from Artisan du Chocolat's purest cacao including the Classic Dark Chocolate facial fornormal to dry skin or the new Ruby Chocolate Facial which is fruity and tart for oilier skins,Artisanbeing one of the few chocolatiers to secure the rare pink cocoa beans needed to make this.


Clients will not only benefit from the seductive facial whilst sipping on an optional hot chocolate drink. There is also an exquisite gift of couture chocolates to take away in the form of a luxurious Black & Gold mini box tasting tour in an expression of generosity from Artisan du Chocolat.


Lesley added: "Quality chocolate is considered to be a superfood. It contains valuable flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants, better even than vitamin C. We are positioning our Deluxe Chocolate Facial as the perfect anti-pollution cleanse. This is a really effective way to capture chocolate's many benefits into one satisfyingly intense experience."


Back on Track will benefit from every Deluxe Chocolate Facial performed at the clinic with £50 from each treatment going straight to the charity. 


This has to be the best way to spoil yourself or your partner for Valentine's Day and donate to a very worthwhile charity at the same time!