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Harley Street Skin Clinic prescribes Cannabis Facial

Harley Street Clinic offers clients cannabis, and they're hooked!



A leading Harley Street Skin Clinic is offering a pioneering new facial using CBD oil.


Experts at the renowned celebrity skin clinic founded by Lesley Reynolds and Dr Aamer Khan have been researching the topical application of CBD oil and are one of the first ever specialist

clinics to offer CBD oil in a multi-sensory facial.

CBD oil comprises one of 104 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant (entirely separate from the best known of the cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabidiol

 - THC, which is the psychoactive compound). It is this magic ingredient which makes the new treatment a hands-down winner.

The facial, which involves administering the oil topically with one drop offered orally to produce a state of profound relaxation tackles the effects of pollution, emotional stress, bad diet and

the effects of smoking and alcohol.  Visible results reflect the ability of CBD oil to ameliorate the signs of ageing as it is an effective antioxidant, attacking damaging free radicals and encouraging skin to appear firmer and more youthful from the first application.


Lesley Reynolds commented: "A few years ago we became aware of CBD as a healing ingredient and conducted our own research testing CBD cream and oil for skin concerns such as rosacea,

 psoriasis and eczema.



"CBD has a long list of proven health benefits, having antidepressant, pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.  Application immediately soothes skin which is red, dry or irritated.

CBD Oil can counteract this imbalance through gently hydrating the skin without causing blocked pores."


As Lesley says: "Our primary goal is to offer clients what they want through the safest, most advanced and non-invasive treatments available. Our CBD oil has proven topical benefits in

helping to clear acne and control excessive sebum production. Fantastic for all skin types, the CBD facial leaves the complexion looking dewy and botanically enhanced, and it's all down to



*Prior to administering this treatment, the clinic checks the patient's existing medications and conditions.