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Unlock the power of monitoring data instantly with new SPC features in SF360°

Unlock the power of monitoring data instantly with new Statistical Process Control feature in Safefood 360°

Safefood 360° is pleased to announce the launch of new Statistical Process Control Features in its Food Safety Management Software system which will allow food and beverage businesses to get more value from their data than ever before.


Each day, a typical food business will collect large quantities of data from their monitoring activities such as CCP and oPRP checks, receiving inspections, packaging checks, pre-operational inspections and final product tests.


Normally this data gets filled away in paper form on in Excel files, never to see the light of day again unless an auditor or customer requests it. Hidden in this data is a wealth of valuable insight about your operations if you can unlock it.


Now, this is no longer the case following the launch of the fully integrated Statistical Process Control (SPC) feature in Safefood 360°. SPC is an industry-standard methodology for measuring and controlling food safety and quality during the manufacturing process. Data in the form of product or process measurements are obtained in real-time during manufacturing and analysed to determine the capability of the operation to meet requirements. This is particularly powerful when it comes to controlling CCP's and operation PRP's.


Food safety standards such as the SQF Food Safety Code for manufacturing Edition 8 now require food businesses to conduct statistical analysis to achieve certification. This can be a major challenge for food businesses since the time and expertise required to gather, collate and analysis large volumes of data can be resource intensive.


Safefood 360's new SPC feature makes light work of this requirement. It will automatically crunch monitoring data to produce process control charts, distribution curves and calculate your Cp and Cpk values to give you a clear picture of process capability. It will even tell you immediately whether you process in In or Out of Control and can handle both variable and attribute data.


All this happens in real-time. No complex implementation is required. Simply set up your monitoring programs and Safefood 360° will take care of the rest.


Safefood 360° will be hosting a webinar on January 30th to showcase the new SPC features. Registration is free and now open:



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