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New SECO Warwick Vacuum Furnace Arrives at Wallwork Cambridge
Demand for Vacuum brazing has rocketed at Wallwork since the company set-up their first dedicated cell for production of complex components, including honeycomb rings and segments, back in 2014. Orders for complex vacuum brazed parts are rising for aerospace, motorsport, medical and other key industries. Completing part of a £2.7 million pound investment by Wallwork, the new furnace will add production capacity to meet growing demand.

Vacuum brazing technical sales manager, Peter Cookson, explained, “Our highly skilled vacuum brazing team assembles extremely intricate components made from many parts, joining dissimilar metals with precision such as copper, stainless steel, nickel based super alloys and titanium. Joining under vacuum is controlled so that the finished assemblies are clean and dimensionally accurate.”

With vacuum brazing, customers can achieve time and cost savings compared to other fabrication methods. Operating alongside heat treatment and hard coatings services, increased vacuum brazing capacity means Wallwork offers customers a one-stop shop for their thermal processing needs. Particularly for customers in aerospace, Wallwork having AS9100, Nadcap and many prime approvals gives extra assurance.

The company has produced a vacuum brazing white paper which is available to download from

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