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20 December 2018

Priority Freight, one of Europe's leading time-critical logistic specialists, made a different type of delivery to the Dover Outreach Centre this week, in the form of a donation. The charity, whose aim is to offer hope to the homeless men and women in Dover, was chosen by Priority Freight following a visit from Noel Beamish to its head office, where his story of the hardship of some local residents and the tireless dedication of the charity's volunteers really touched Priority Freight's management team.

The challenges faced by the Dover Outreach Centre are multiple and they rely on the generosity of donations from public and businesses.

"Priority Freight's donation will support us in our work. Homelessness has increased which adds to the pressure put on charities such as ours and this often stretches us, particularly at this time of year," said Noel Beamish, the Dover Outreach Centre's Chair of Trustees.

Since opening its day centre doors, over 600 people have benefited from the charity's help. Of these, the Dover Outreach Centre has helped house 98 people and found work for a further 62 with the aid of other agencies, the local authority and charities.

Priority Freight, who is one of the Kent MegaGrowth companies for 2018, is determined to give back to the local community that is home to its head office.

Neal Williams, Group Managing Director at Priority Freight, commented, "Those who don't have a shelter over their heads on the coldest nights of the year, or know where their next meal will come from, are among the most vulnerable in our society. Charities, such as the Dover Outreach Centre, are a beacon on a dark night and provide the basic necessities we take for granted, such as a shower, breakfast and clean clothes. The support offered by the Dover Outreach Centre is truly impressive. I can only encourage other local businesses to support the charity's excellent work."

The Dover Outreach Centre also formed a Social Enterprise in July 2017 and currently has four people involved in the project. Its aim is to work with homeless people offering a training and mentoring route back into employment though learned skills such as painting, decorating, landscaping and carpentry.

"We hope the Social Enterprise will in time produce a profit and contribute to our overall overheads, helping to make us more sustainable in the future. However, the challenges ahead and no abatement of people finding themselves in a homeless situation, means we have to rely on the public and businesses, such as Priority Freight, to see us through and ensure we can help as many of Dover's homeless people back into society and feeling as though they are contributing to the community," Noel Beamish concluded.


Editors notes

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Ian Chapman, Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Austin, Group Operations Director

Noel Beamish, Dover Outreach Centre's Chair of Trustees

Sarah Brown-Oakes-O'Connor, Executive Assistant to the Group Managing Director

Neal Williams, Group Managing Director


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About the Dover Outreach Centre

The Dover Outreach Centre is a charity which was set up in July 2016 to help rough sleepers, the homeless and those threatened with homelessness. As a team of five trustees, we set out to make a difference in our area of Kent. We do not want to support anyone to remain rough sleeping or homeless; our aim is to support them out of homelessness.