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Domestic-abuse coma survivor enjoys first Christmas aged 29

How a domestic-abuse coma survivor (now multi-millionaire) managed to enjoy her first Christmas aged 29.

She wrote a book to inspire others.


We all associate Christmas with love, laughter, presents, decorations... all the fun things but not author Christine Clayfield. She associated Christmas with drinking, arguments and beatings until she met the love of her life. 

"If my book -No Fourth River- can help just one person change their life then I have achieved my purpose of sharing my own story to save them a river of tears.  Through forgiveness I have let go of the pain in my life to make room for the love and success that we all deserve and can achieve. And now Christmas for me is a very happy day, now I've turned my life around." -ChristineClayfield


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Christine always dreaded Christmas as a child: Abusive Household

  • Christine is the middle child of five and the only daughter.
  • Christmas was always a day of fear and walking on eggshells.
  • Her father drank all day on Christmas day.
  • His violent temper did not mix well with drinks.
  • He always ended up very drunk resulting in a family member being severely beaten or punished.
  • 1pm to 8pm sitting at the table for their family meal, there was no hiding from her father's temper.
  • Nothing the children or their mum said or did would ever please him.
  • Christmas was a day when they were forced to spend hours in his company listening to him constantly reminding everybody how disappointed he was in his family.
  • When his children or wife gave him gifts, he refused them and said: "I don't want any presents, I just want all of you to do as you have been told and listen!" with a heavy and loud fist bashing on the table.
  • There was never a Christmas tree in sight.


Christine always dreaded Christmas with husband, Harry: Domestic Abuse Household

  • Christine received nothing for Christmas.
  • Self-centered Harry spent Christine's hard-earned money on booze and prostitutes. He was unemployed and seized all of Christine's wages. Christine had no money to buy Harry any presents or even decorate the house. No money to buy a Christmas tree or lights either.
  • Christmas day was just another day with arguments, abuse and bullying.
  • Similar to her father, Harry was a violent man and Christmas was just another excuse to get drunk and beat his wife. On one Christmas-day Christine was beaten so badly she still has the scars today.

Because of all the pain Christine endured, Christmas was a negative festivity in her mind and a meaningless day.


Christmas with Richard: Loving And Happy Household

  • Several years after her divorce, Christine met Richard. She spent her first happy Christmas with him when she was 29 years old. Richard is like a child and Christmas and he absolutely loves Christmas day.Every year we play the song "When you wish upon a star" and every time he hears that song he cries, being the sensitive man, that he is.
  • He makes the spirit of Christmas come alive.
  • This year will be Christine's 30thChristmas with Richard, her 2ndhusband.
  • He is a kind, gentle and loving husband who showers his wife and children with presents but most of all with love and attention. 

Now Christine associates Christmas with fun, laughter, great food, family, love, presents, decorations, Christmas trees and lights. A very happy day.


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Author, Christine Clayfield



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