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Best UK Property Asset Management Software
PRESS RELEASE: Get ahead of the game this new year with property asset management software that offers the full package

The New Year resolution any landlord can get behind – getting your paperwork and finances in check.

Whether you’re a commercial landlord or an industrial one, keeping on top of the administration that goes in to your assets can be a real headache. From the right insurance to dealing with rents and deposits, all this can be time-consuming which ultimately loses you money.

But that’s where WebTerrier comes in, created by Norwich based BOE Systems (BOE), the property asset management software is the gift landlords are hoping for this Christmas.

With the capacity to outperform basic spreadsheets and accounts management packages, it will be the peace of mind you never knew you needed. And while WebTerrier keeps its watchful eye over your portfolio, it gives you your time back to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Perils of forecasting

As any good property manager will know, every lease comprises far more than just the term and rent. Occupiers too are increasingly concerned about the total cost of their lease. Without a clear understanding of obligations towards a service charge, insurances, rates and utility bills, it’s hard to understand the full cost of a lease.

Now, with the right tools: occupiers, agents, asset managers and landlords can use that information to forecast not just the next few weeks or months, but the next few years thanks to WebTerrier.

User-friendly system

The UK’s best property management software provides all parties with a 360-degree view of their assets, costs, income and liabilities. The user-friendly system can:

-       Detail rents, rateable values, insurance costs for each property in a portfolio.

-       Highlight and diarise upcoming rent reviews.

-       Keep track of lease expiration dates.

-       Log all tenant/ landlord interactions and actions resulting from those interactions.

-       Record all landlord details.

-       Log vacant details.

-       Store historical leases.

-       Log service providers for each property.

-       Store photographs of each property within a portfolio.

For more than 20 years, the system has been cultivated, refined and updated countless times, to produce a software package which has become an invaluable tool to its clients.

Background to the asses management software package

Around ten years ago, BOE was introduced to JLL, an asset management company which looks after a major fund of industrial estates, whose assets amount to several billions. Being an asset manager rather than a landlord, the company required greater detail surrounding tenant interactions and so a more in-depth asset management software package was born.

Richard Stevens, CEO of WebTerrier says they are always open to suggestions from existing users, taking advantage of BOE’s valued partnerships to create a

comprehensive database system: “Our clients might ask us for a specific tool- a way of recording tenant surveys, for example; or they might wish to record rent review information and ask us for some more fields to enable them to do that.

“The development of WebTerrier has been driven by client expectations, and as they have grown more confident in the system and have discovered the extra things it can do, they have been able to suggest additional features they would like to see.”

A wealth of in-depth understanding

Rather than creating bespoke software for each individual client, a cloud-based system was developed using the wealth of in-depth understanding of what property managers require.

Mark Hooper, Estates Director for Kingsbridge Estates says WebTerrier’s cloud-based solution gives him and his asset managers the detail they need to monitor the portfolio:

“Its ability to give attractive and informative property summaries makes it invaluable for board presentations and strategy meetings.

“BOE listen closely to our feedback and have made it feel like a tailor-made product for us rather than an off the shelf package. It’s made a difference to how we interact with lease events especially and being available on a mobile app is very useful”.

Although WebTerrier is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere you have a mobile connection, the mobile app allows for “offline” access to data too. It is also designed to work better on smaller screens and permits secure downloads, for easy browsing ‘on the go’.

As the number of commercial tenants and agents, landlords and asset managers discovering WebTerrier’s benefits continues to grow, you too could get your business off to the best possible start this new year.



-       WebTerrier’s history dates back to 1995, when BOE Systems co-founder Richard Stevens partnered with London property company Helical to create a database that would enable the business to manage its property portfolio.

-       The name ‘WebTerrier’ was chosen because it was both a record of private land holdings and reflected the committed, inquisitive nature of the breed of dog.

-       WebTerrier can set up free demonstrations for landlords, occupiers and commercial property agents. Demo requests can be made via the website or call the Norwich office on 01603 293001.