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Making Happy Work - a beginner's guide to meditation - by architect Mick Timpson



Making Happy Work

A beginner's guide to navigating the modern world with meditation

By Mick Timpson


A tried and tested method to boost happiness levels in the modern world through meditation and mindfulness techniques that are easy to follow and accessible to everyone.

21st century meditation techniques - that work.

Written by an award-winning architect, artist, yoga teacher and meditation guru.


The author, Mick Timpson, is available for interviews, editorial opportunities on topics around meditation, positive living and happiness in the modern world, as well as architecture and yoga. His company, beanddo, provide talks, workshops and seminars on yoga and meditation for businesses and individuals.


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Do you want to uncover your purpose in life? Are you searching for happiness in and out of your work? Do you wish for work that has some meaning?  Making Happy Work is a timely message for a world in flux and for those who feel lost and disempowered.Making Happy Workis a call to take inspired action before it's too late.


Meditation teacher and inner architect, Mick Timpson, leads a call to change by showing how to shift the way people approach day-to-day living and working, via modern meditation techniques to reach a happier, more creative place. Mick says it's simply a change of perspective by learning to look at things differently. He writes, "Everything we do can be an opportunity to make happy work for us."


Making Happy Worktakes the reader on a meditation journey of eight parts which, stage-by-stage, build up into a simple, easy-to-use, powerful practice that can be incorporated into daily activities. The key to making happy work is that it's notwhatyou do in life that matters, buthowyou live through your life.


The main thesis is that we have all become disconnected from who we are and what we are here for. We are all living in an increasingly chaotic world, where we struggle to survive, let alone thrive. We are doing at the expense of being. However, if we can find time to just stop, notice and learn to be, we can reconnect. We can link our being with our doing. We can learn to be different and do differently.


About the Author


Mick Timpson is founder and CEO of beanddo, as well as the designer of the beanddo programmes and leader of many of the courses. An award-winning architect, artist and yoga teacher, Mick is also the founder of The YogaLife Project, a popular social enterprise based in Chorlton that teaches yoga, meditation and delivers teacher training to future yoga teachers. As an architect, Mick has worked on projects around the world from Mexico City to his home city of Manchester, and his professional design work is deeply informed by his own yoga meditation as an architect and artist, and his knowledge of the contemporary cutting-edge research being carried out into the use of mindfulness in a wide variety of contexts. Mick has given many talks on yoga and architecture. He has also taught countless yoga and architecture students how to practice creativity. The origin of beanddo can be traced back to when Mick realised that he had been talking about the same thing to each audience - how creativity and happiness are linked, and fully experienced, when Being and Doing merge.



Title:Making Happy Work

Author:Mick Timpson

Genre:Self-Help, Meditation, Yoga, Health & Wellbeing, Mindfulness


Publication date:February 1st 2019

Availability:Paperback, eBook




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