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New book reveals how 'fat middle aged man' lost 31kilos & reversed T2 Diabetes

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New book reveals how a ‘fat middle-aged man' lost 31 kilos and reversed Type 2 Diabetes - including delicious recipes for real foodies


Richard Shaw - Conquer Type 2 Diabetes - Hammersmith Books - February 2019


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London, United Kingdom, 6thDecember 2018: In 2017, BFI Marketing and Communications director, Richard Shaw, was ill, overweight, and struggling. His Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis from 2012 saw him struggling with high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other symptoms. Richard (by then aged 54) had been told that it was likely that he would be on medication for life, living with a progressive permanent illness with no prospect of remission.


Inspired by results of the DiRECT clinical trial at Newcastle University in the UK, funded by Diabetes UK, he decided in early 2017 to attempt to reverse the disease by following a carefully-structured, low-carb diet and starting a modest exercise regime.

Conquer Type 2 Diabetes, a new book due for release in February 2019 by Hammersmith Books, describes what he did to lose 31 kilos (a quarter of his body weight) over five months. His goal was to get rid of the internal fat compromising his natural insulin function and eradicate all of the signs of Type 2 Diabetes.


In sharing his story, Richard addresses head-on the questions that so many people have asked him in recent months - what did you do to lose weight, how do you decide what to eat to combat the disease and what are the prospects of long-term remission? And, as importantly, what do you have to do to reverse an illness that affects more than 400 million people worldwide, and has for decades been regarded as both incurable and progressive?


His story, indeed science, now tells us that particularly in the first few years of their diagnosis, it is possible for many people to reverse a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, restore normal blood glucose function and cholesterol scores to normal and come off all medications without any significant side effects - and all  while still eating great food. 


As well as offering hope to the millions of people in the UK who have diabetes this kind of intervention could save the NHS billions. Ten percent of the NHS primary health care budget is now spent on diabetes and by 2035 it is predicted that the illness could cost the NHS £17 billion a year. One in ten men in the UK currently has the condition, it is estimated that by 2025 five million people will be living with it, and a further 11.9 million will be diagnosed with pre-diabetes.


According to Diabetes UK, almost nine in ten people diagnosed with diabetes have type 2, and it is estimated that there are nearly one million undiagnosed people currently living with the condition.  And unlike type 1 diabetes, three in five cases of Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented or delayed by making healthier life-choices, by helping people understand their own risk of developing the condition and by securing an early intervention for people at highest risk. (


Clearly, something needs to change. This new book challenges the way that Type 2 Diabetes is currently managed by the public health system and in many GP practises across the UK and proposes an eating plan and approach to weight loss that, in many cases, really can transform lives.


The book includes the author's meal and exercise plan including sections on carbs, calories and cravings plus 40 mouth-watering recipes for the confident home cook to ensure eating can remain a pleasure while changing the habits of a lifetime.


Notes to editors:

Conquer Type 2 Diabetes is published by Hammersmith Books and will be released as a paperback and ebook on 19th February 2019 priced at £12.99/£5.99 and available online and in all good bookshops. Further details


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About the author:

Richard Shaw has worked in senior management roles in marketing and communications in some of the UK's leading arts organisations including the National Theatre, English National Ballet, the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and the British Film Institute. He is a former factual television producer, Director of Development at Lion Television and an Executive Producer of award-winning documentary features.  He was trained at one of London's leading cookery schools, produced food programmes for TV in both the UK and the USA and has even appeared on Masterchef.


When he decided to do something about his own Type 2 diagnosis he had been diagnosed for five years, and was a 54-year old, sedentary man, weighing over 117kg (260lbs). Today he is diabetes-free.