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Dengrove Offers Recom's Compact, low profile buck-boost regulator is quietly eff



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Compact, low profile buck-boost regulator is quietly efficient with six-sided shielding



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Packaged as a 25-pad LGA with 6-sided shielding, the RECOM RBB10 buck-boost converter, now available from Dengrove Electronic Components, is ideal for equipment such as USB voltage regenerators, 3.3V-to-5V converters, and supercapacitor or Li-Ion battery regulators. The all-round shielding enhances thermal performance as well as preventing electromagnetic interference.


This non-isolated power module can supply up to 4A at 5V nominal output voltage, from an input that can range from 2.3V to 5.5V. Achieving up to 96% efficiency, it will operate at full load in 85°C ambient temperature without forced-air cooling.


Measuring 12.19mm x 12.19mm, the RBB10-2.0 footprint is compatible with the industry-standard DOSA third-generation, high-density, non-isolated PICO converter specification. On the other hand, at just 3.75mm high, it delivers a space-saving solution where an ultra-low profile is needed.


External pins provide rich control and monitoring options, including Trim and Sense pins that allow the output voltage to be trimmed over a range between 1.0V and 5.5V by using external resistors. In addition, a Mode pin selects powersave operation as a default, entering burst mode at loads under 350mA to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. Setting the Mode pin low for permanent PWM operation prioritises accurate output-voltage regulation independently of the load current. There is also a Control pin for activating the device or selecting the 7µA standby mode, and a Power-good indicator for status monitoring.


An evaluation board, RBB10-2.0-EVM-1, is available to help customers test the modules. Resistors are provided on-board for trimming the output voltage, as well as break out connectors for selecting operating modes. The board also features optimal thermal management and a class-B EMI filter layout.


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About Dengrove Electronic Components
Established over 30 years ago, Dengrove provides a highly reliable and competitive component distribution service to a wide range of industry sectors.  Based in Bedfordshire,  the independent franchised broadline distributor, has ISO9001 certification and boasts companies including Recom, Temas and Yuasa on its line-card.  The company also offers component sourcing and kitting services and is proud of its high-level of service which is tailor made to customers individual requirements.



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