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New plant-based, oil-free cookbook launches in London's oldest bookshop

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New plant-based, oil-free cookbook - A Kitchen Fairytale - launches at London's Oldest Bookshop

Healing with food

By Iidamaria van der Byl-Knoefel



London, United Kingdom, 20thNovember 2018: A Kitchen Fairytaleby Iidamaria van der Byl-Knoefel, published by Hammersmith Books, launched at Hatchard's Piccadilly on Monday 19thNovember. A delectable display of plant-based, oil-free canapés, including sushi and chocolate brownies, were provided for guests supporting the launch of an original new cookbook suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and the growing number of people opting for a plant-based diet (this can include fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes, nuts etc).


Iida van der Byl-Knoefel said,"Celebrating the book launch at Hatchard's, London's oldest and most beautiful bookshop, was such a dream come true! With A Kitchen Fairytale I am hoping that my story, which demonstrates the healing abilities of plants alongside delicious, bright and colourful recipes, will inspire more people to give this natural way of healing a go."

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Author Iida, originally from Sweden and now living in Surrey with her husbandand young son, began to eliminate food groups such as dairy from her diet when her health took a turn for the worse in her early 30s. Having been "healthy" all her life, she found that she was suffering from aches and pains around her joints, particularly in her fingers and knees. The discomfort and inflammation got so bad she had trouble walking. Placed on medication, which she had a severe reaction to resulting in a hospital stay, Iida decided enough was enough, and searched online for help - failing to find a cookery book that met her needs. She discovered The Paddison Program, created by Clint Paddison in Australia, and began to make changes to her diet and lifestyle that have, thankfully, made a massive different to her health.


Her inflammatory arthritis disappeared over time, the doctor took her off the medication and advised there was nothing more that she needed to do, because Iida's plant-based, oil-free diet and daily yoga practice had improved her health significantly to the point of needing no pain relief. Iida went on to give birth to her son almost 16 months ago and has not looked back! The recipes she's created throughout her journey, to reverse her symptoms of arthritis, have been fine-tuned and compiled into a beautiful new book called A Kitchen Fairytale. One of the most ‘controversial' aspects of the book is that all the recipes are totally oil-free - Iida found that this was vital to maintain her health.


Traditionally, rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have desperately resorted to taking medication and many choose to adopt a vegan diet. Unfortunately, for people such as Iida, a simple vegan diet can be unsuccessful, because many recipes include vegetable oil. The recipes inA Kitchen Fairytaleare free from any form of oil, which Iida believes to be a key element in reversing her auto immune disease and maintaining her health today. She has been drug and pain free since August 2015.


Packed with beautiful photographyinspired by the author's hugely popular Instagram account @akitchenfairytaleandinsider tipssuch as tackling airplane food andtravelling, as well aseasy to follow shopping lists, this is a must-have book for anyone who wants to take responsibility for their own health and enjoy plant-based meals that provide deliciously nutritious options for the whole family.


What is the Paddison Program?

The inspiration behind Iida's recipes are based on her experience of following Clint Paddison's bestselling online program "The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis'. The Paddison Program is the world's most successful natural treatment for autoimmune conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, and it has dramatically improved the lives of tens of thousands of people with RA. More and more people are joining the program every day. InA Kitchen Fairytale, Iida encourages RA sufferers to follow the Paddison Program and then turn to her cookbook for inspiration in the kitchen. The beauty ofA Kitchen Fairytaleis that it caters for everyone and not just RA sufferers.

Author ofA Kitchen Fairytale, Iida, says: "So many of our western diseases come down to the food we eat and can be reversed or improved with a plant-based diet. People need to know that there is an alternative option to just taking the prescribed medication and that it is one that also helps keep our planet healthy for future generations!"




Title:A Kitchen Fairytale

Author:Iidamaria van der Byl-Knoefel

Genre:Cookery, Recipes,Health, Food and Drink, Nutrition

Publisher:Hammersmith Books

Publication:November 2018

Availability:Paperback, International distribution


Price: £24.99




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Examples of recipes included:

Quinoa, apricot and pine nut salad; A big, green salad on the side, Triple cinnamon porridge, Healing buckwheat pancakes, Scrambled tofu, Apple and beetroot risotto, Mushroom and aubergine stroganoff, The fridge-emptying stir fry, Pasta and veggie delight, 'Cheesy' cashew cream sauce, Gardener's Pie, Black bean and sweet potato stew, Finnish summer soup, Chocolate brownie, Nice cream, Goji bites, Humble Apple Crumble.