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Professional photographer launches travel guide series

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We'd like to introduce you to professional photographer, Kim Rix's, new travel guide series packed with photos from her travels around the world in search of gemstones! Kim is a gemmologist as well as a travel addict! She has visited 50+ countries and is in the process of visiting many more all in the name of research for the Gemstone Detective series. The first book, Buying Gemstones & Jewellery in Sri Lanka, launched at the High Commission in London last month. Three more books will be released at the Institute of Directors on 22nd January 2019 (invite attached - please RSVP to if you'd like to join us) on Thailand, Australia and a Worldwide guide. 
As a professional photographer, the photos in the pocket-sized travel guides, are incredible! We'd love to share some with you - there are PDFs of the books, sample pages and photos in the online press folder too: 

Kim is just about to travel to India to research a future book in the series, scheduled for release in summer 2019, and will spend five weeks in the United States from early February 2019 taking photos, speaking to local miners, traders, jewellery makers and suppliers, and making notes for her next book...

Kim lives in London with her husband and is available for editorial commissions and interview. The books are available for digital review (including advance review copies as paperbacks) and we can discuss competitions etc too.

It would be great to hear from you! Please see the Advance Media Information Sheet below.

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The Gemstone Detective

A unique new travel series targeting holidaymakers - Buying Gemstones & Jewellery

By Kim Rix


Each book in the Gemstone Detective travel guide series is a mine of expert advice, insider information and practical tips to help tourists better understand the unique gemstone and jewellery market in their next holiday destination. As well as offering country-specific background and up-to-the-minute, well-researched advice, the Gemstone Detective series is a ‘how to' guide for anyone who wants to experience the fun, excitement and romance of buying unique and beautiful gems or jewellery in countries around the world renowned for their natural gemstones.


Gemmologist and professional photographer Kim Rix has travelled to more than 50 countries during her life, and is passionate about sharing the exciting world of gemstones and jewellery in beautiful holiday destinations with fellow travellers. The first book in the series, Buying Gemstones & Jewellery in Sri Lanka, launched at the Sri Lankan Embassy in London on 4thOctober.


Three further books in the series will launch at the Institute of Directors on 22nd January 2019 (press passes available upon request focusing on Thailand (particularly known for its sapphires and rubies) and Australia (known for its opals) and a more general guide - Buying Gemstones and Jewellery Worldwide.


Many countries boast their own unique treasure troves, from sapphire to opal, ruby to diamond, emerald to tourmaline, yet this wonderful world often remains unexplored by holidaymakers. More than ‘just' a book about gemstones, these handy tourist guides are the must-have item to pack into your suitcase if you want a unique and original experience.


Whether you are shopping for a memento of your trip, or something special (an engagement ring or special anniversary gift?), the Gemstone Detective will stop you making a costly mistake. Each book holds your hand through your next travel experience leaving you feeling happy and proud of your new purchase... and ready to plan your next adventure!


Future books in the Gemstone Detective series (2019-2022) include:

Buying Gemstones & Jewellery in Thailand, Australia, India, USA, Myanmar, Greece, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, Cambodia, Vietnam, Egypt, China, South Africa and Afghanistan.

All in the name of research, Kim will be travelling to India in November and is planning a six-week trip to the USA in February. This summer, Kim spent four weeks travelling solo around the Australian Outback, sleeping and driving in her campervan across more than 4,000km. For more information about editorial opportunities surrounding the books and Kim's adventures please





Title:The Gemstone Detective - a unique new travel guide series

Author:Kim Rix

Genre:Travel, Tourism, Jewellery, Hobbies

Publisher:Filament Publishing

Publication date:From2018 to 2022

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