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My abuse induced coma forced me to change my life. I became a millionaire.


My abuse induced coma made me a millionaire using positive mindset and forgiveness.

Disowned by my family, left penniless to fend for myself, I was the worm that turned.  


Positive thinking can literally change your life. The strength of the human mind has been shown through religious practices and scientific experiments that it has the power to heal and overcome pain and trauma with our own thought processes.

The ability for the human spirit to dig deep emotionally in the battle for human survival is illustrated from one woman's story; Christine Clayfield reveals her true-life experience and innate coping strategies as a triple abuse survivor who forgave her perpetrators using her strong religious ethics in her memoir novel ‘No Fourth River'.

"If my book -No Fourth River- can help just one person change their life then I have achieved my purpose of sharing my own story to save them a river of tears.  Through forgiveness I have let go of the pain in my life to make room for the love and success that we all deserve and can achieve" -ChristineClayfield


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Award-winning multi-millionaire author Christine Clayfield used her Catholic school philosophies and evening Psychology courses to learn to forgive those who hurt her emotionally and physically.  After facing more than 20 years of cruelty, violence and abuse at the hands of her own father and from within the convent walls of her school who vilified her for bedwetting - she made wrong life choices and married a husband who put her into a coma.  With the repeated cycles of abuse until she had police protection just to stay alive and this shocking self-realisation that she had to enforce a total change in her life she left her husband and begun a completely different happier and more successful life.

"I would dream of having twin girls to take the pain of my suffering away and imagine holding them and showering the love on them that I had been deprived of as a child and young adult. I went on to actually have twin daughters years later when I married an Englishman who helped me turn my life around and made my dream come true.  I was finally shown the love and acceptance I had never received and my bed-wetting nightmare of so many years only stopped on our wedding night.  I even went on to write a book on helping othershow to maximise the chances of havingtwin girls."Christine Clayfield


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Author, Christine Clayfield


In this modern world of social media where we are so connected and yet unconnectedas everbefore alienation is being created within our communities.  We struggle to have the ability to face the pressures of austerity and loneliness and mental health issues and suicide are literally off-the-scale in society.  Surely our own thinking must change in order to learn positivity, forgiveness and develop new coping strategies and tools to overcome our own tough battles.

Christine believes strongly in creating your own personal change and working hard as nothing ever comes to us easily.  She has published 5 business books of her own including award-winning ‘From Newbie to Millionaire' and has become a millionaire in her own right and self-published her own memoir with the tale from survivor to success and happiness to help others to overcome challenges in their own lives.

Having endured so much abuse, hardship and suffering in her own childhood and young adult life - Christine shares only positive messages of looking forward to a better future and understanding your perpetrators instead of getting caught up in a cycle of self-destruction. 

Christine is also looking for a traditional publisher to help share her story to help others with domestic abuse, trauma and overcome difficulty in their lives. 




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