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Wold Newton Brewery launches five-star beer from the Constellation Series

Wold Newton Brewery launches five-star beer from the Constellation Series


An independent family-owned brewery in East Yorkshire is launching a new pale ale named after the five-star constellation Cassiopeia.


The new beer is the fifth in Wold Top Brewery's Constellation Series and is the tenth limited edition cask beer that the brewery has developed exclusively for pubs and restaurants during 2018.


Cassiopeia, 3.8% ABV, is brewed from lager, wheat and cara malts and cascade hops. Cascade hops were developed in America and are characterised by grapefruit and floral aromas.


Alex Balchin, the brewery manager at Wold Top, said the low-strength beer will be available from November 1stfor a limited period of four weeks.


He added: "Cassiopeia is full of flavour despite having a lower ABV, which makes it an ideal thirst quencher.


"It's also interesting in the fact that it's a single-hop beer and so extracting the desired flavour, bitterness and aroma from just one variety presented a challenge, but we're delighted with the result."


Cassiopeia is named after a constellation that is familiar to many of us as the ‘w' or ‘m' star formation in the sky.


Wold Top Brewery was established in 2003 and its award-winning ales are made on the family farm using home grown malting barley and pure, chalk-filtered water.


Photo: Alex Balchin Cassiopeia is Wold Top Brewery's new beer 

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  1. Twenty-one varieties of beer make up Wold Top Brewery's award-winning range including Wold Top Beer, Headland Red, Anglers Reward and Wold Top Against the Grain gluten-free beer. More information on the range of bottled beers can be found at
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