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Mental Health Issues lead to New Fashion Brand Launch


Press Release: Immediate release

Date: 29th October 2018




Battles with Mental Health for Suffolk based Charlie Yapp leads to Clothing Business Launch



Mental health started for Charlie Yapp owner and founder of Matter Clothing when he was just 18. Anxiety attacks on the checkouts, where he was first working, followed by episodes of passing out were the first signs something was wrong.  "Overworking, not paying attention to my body, trying to do too much too quickly, were all adding to my poor state of mind which I didn't even register at the time." Explained Charlie.

 He bounced around a bit in this state, "I was a young man who had no understanding of what was happening to me and it soon spiralled out of control, to a point where it felt like I had stage fright 24/7." Charlie's employers were not supportive, and this was due to a lack of understanding about mental health at the time. Due to motivational issues, depressive episodes and struggling to maintain any type of normality, his employers started to falsify documents in an attempt to fire him. This compounded everything for Charlie and unable to cope Charlie felt compelled to leave his job.

 The anxiety at this point was so bad he was unable to leave the house, if he did, it would only take an hour before Charlie suffered a major anxiety attack.  It wasn't long before this turned into clinical depression and Charlie explained that at this point he was unable to leave his bedroom at all for 9 months. He was only 19 at the time.  He sought help and support from family and friends and a number of therapist - searching for an answer. All of whom had encouraged him to get medical help. Charlie said, "I was never suicidal, but I was unable to function properly at all, so it was at this point a year after things started to go wrong that I finally went to my local GP, who set up a treatment plan, which included medication. After two different medications and 6 weeks of side effects it took only 9 weeks for me to get back to normal and gain control of my life again."

Following recovery Charlie went to university only to leave 2 years into his course. He was in search for a life and career with more meaning. For Charlie and his brother George Yapp they wanted to create a business that would fit with their lives and also give them a platform to help promote and support those suffering with mental health issues. Matter Clothing was born. George who has been instrumental in Charlies recovery and a major support to him explains. "We wanted to create a brand that was for the Bold, Adventurous and Free Spirited - much like us - we don't conform- we don't want to conform. Society paints a picture that men and women have to be perfect all the time - we strive to do well at everything we do, even when life can be really tough. This strive for perfection which is only further encouraged through the use of social media exposes us to a torrent of abuse and pressure that just isn't sustainable. It affects everyone emotionally. We use our Matter Clothing social media to promote health and wellbeing - the good and fun stuff - things that will make you feel better."

 For Charlie and George, it has been an interesting journey starting a retail business when nationally retail is having a tough time of it. Personal investment in time and money has led to the creation of the brand which is now trademarked in the UK and their customer base is growing. Matter Clothing isn't just another online clothing brand. It's a way of life for Charlie and George who have faced a tough time and luckily come through it. Matter for them is a way of giving back. Because Mental Health Matters to them as individuals they have ongoing plans to make mental health a big part of their organisation's corporate social responsibility. As from this month, Matter Clothing are donating £1 from every sale to a mental health charity. In time they hope to establish their own Matter Clothing fund which will support mental health issues on a local and national scale. 



Notes to Editor


Matter Clothing was established in 2017 by George and Charlie Yapp in Ipswich, Suffolk.  The brand sells men's T-shirts and hoodies which are designed by George. They only source ethical materials and production methods. There are plans in the new year for additional product lines and a women's/unisex range of clothing to be added to their product line.



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