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Health and safety training for baler operators

Press Release: 11 October 2018 

Health & Safety training for baler operators

Recycling plants can be dangerous places to work for new and untrained operatives. Recognising this, Presona UK is offering to provide specialist training for any Presona baler owner or operator.

The one-day course is ideal for any baler operators or maintenance staff charged with looking after Presona baling equipment. It is ideal for those that have used smaller or shear balers but who might be unfamiliar with Presona's energy efficient prepress technology.

It is also suitable for those needing a refresher course or wanting to update their skills.

For plant managers and owners, it provides the information needed to confidently direct and supervise baling operations, ensuring they get maximum time and cost efficiencies from their baling plant.

The course covers both Health and Safety regulations and Provisions and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and can be carried out on-site and arranged at times to suit the plant's staff.

As well as addressing the safe operation of Presona balers, the course will ensure that operators and maintenance teams know how to keep the equipment correctly calibrated to run at optimum efficiency with minimum intervention. This will help maximise throughputs, optimise bale weights for logistics efficiencies, and the risk for health and safety incidents.

It will also provide advice on regular maintenance programmes which can help to avert downtimes and emergency maintenance call outs.

Presona is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of energy efficient prepress balers. Presona balers and associated conveyors are designed to save time and money in the recycling process while supporting improved team performance.

Presona's LP Series balers are ideally suited to high throughput retail and logistics sites and can be used to bale a wide range of materials including paper, cardboard, plastics and metals.

LP Series balers use prepress technology which relies on compression alone to achieve the optimum bale. Unlike shear balers which cut bales to size, the prepress uses 100% of power for compaction. This means there are fewer moving parts resulting in less wear and tear and up to 60% better energy efficiency.


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