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Lanes makes big investment in UV pipe lining technology

MEDIA RELEASE: 11 | 10 | 2018

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Caption: 1. The ProKASRO 550-1200mm diameter UV light train. 2. ProKASRO light UV light train in a pipe.


Lanes Group invests £1m in latest pipe lining technology

The UK's largest independent drainage and utility specialist, Lanes Group plc, has invested over £1million in new pipe lining technology.

The purchase of three new dual-core ultraviolet light cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining systems significantly adds to the company's sewer rehabilitation capability. The technology can also be used for lining process pipes, including ones needing chemical resistance.

Two of the UV systems will line pipes with diameters from 150mm to 1600mm. The third is mounted on three rail pods and will line pipes with diameters of up to 1200mm.

The package includes two new robotic cutters, for preparing pipes for lining, and opening lateral connections, adding to a powerful range of remote cutting equipment already in service with Lanes.

The equipment, supplied by ProKASRO, is housed and carried in new low-emission trucks, adding to the already impressive sustainability credentials of UV lining as a method for rehabilitating pipes.

Lanes Group Development Director Richard Leigh said: "Lining technology is developing rapidly, and we're determined to keep up with latest innovations.

"This is also absolutely the right time for us to invest in our sewer rehabilitation capability. Customers see that UV CIPP lining has significant advantages as a more sustainable and cost-effective way to rehabilitate sewers, compared with some other lining technologies and excavation.

"Also, with the AMP7 water investment round starting, we want to be ready to offer our utility partners the best sewer lining service in the UK."

ProKASRO, based in Germany, is a global leader in UV lining technology. Its UK-based International Sales Manager, Simon Little, said: "This investment makes Lanes our biggest customer in the UK, and it's their customers who will reap the benefits."   

The Lanes Sewer Lining and Rehabilitation Division is based at Eccles in Greater Manchester. It offers a full range of lining technologies, including UV, hot water, and ambient CIPP lining.

The new ProKASRO UV lining systems have been designed to allow faster curing, using less energy, and with greater control, so lining is completed safely and to the highest quality standard in the shortest time.

Each system has a sophisticated digital monitoring system that allows Lanes and ProKASRO to record and review a wide range of operational data to continuously improve performance and supply to clients.

The rail pods have been designed to Lanes' specifications, and is transported on a 9.5 tonne lorry, then loaded and unloaded using a truck-mounted forklift.

Lanes Sewer Lining and Rehabilitation Manager Simon Bull said: "It's exciting to be able to use such cutting-edge technology.

"No-dig sewer rehabilitation and lining has always been about deploying the best technology backed up with the right expertise and many years' of experience. We have all three in abundance at Lanes."

UV CIPP has key advantages over other lining techniques. It can be carried out with less equipment, using less operational space.

Curing times are fast, making it ideal for pipe lining in short time windows, for example during rail track possessions or for installed chemical resistant liners in factories. Also, it generates minimal potentially-hazardous waste.



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