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Move Over Google Lens: You Can Now "Reveel" All Thanks To AI & Blockchain

Move Over Google Lens: You Can Now "Reveel" All Thanks To AI & Blockchain 

Recently lauded in Forbes as “The Google Lens For Everything”, Silicon Valley based Reveel are currently in talks with media moguls about how their image recognition technology can be utilized by brands to drive measurable audience engagement and conversion across media channels.


Think about it, you’re flicking through a magazine or pass by an outdoor ad on the street and you see an outfit that you love – simply take a picture with your phone and you can buy the complete set, right then and there.


As revealed in Forbes, Reveel is already being used in magazines to provide all of the information consumers need to help shorten their path to purchase and in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, where visitors can bring 250 celebrity exhibits to life with digital content that includes biographical information, video interviews, podcasts, social media and other details.


Right now, companies can white label Reveel’s mobile image recognition technology that works using just your mobile browser or it can be integrated into any iOS and Android app. With just the touch of a button, Reveel activates your camera to recognize images, turning any of the billions of smartphones out there into powerful tools for delivering captivating customer experiences.


But in the future, Schreitmueller and his colleagues have their sights on expanding out of the retail brand sector and into health, education, manufacturing and much more.


How? Reveel aims to become one of the largest repositories of image information by introducing an open source community model, where participants running Reveel’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) image recognition network on the blockchain will get paid in RVL coins to load image data sets, train AI models and run decentralized applications (DApps).  With the potential to outstrip the Google Lens, the Reveel Network will build on the initial success in the retail sector to scale-up to an unprecedented level.


What might people do with Reveel’s AI-based image recognition? Well, Reveel could help you and your doctors identify and treat a wide range of medical conditions that exhibit visible skin disorders.  By utilizing the knowledge from AI experts and their image data sets, Reveel could enable others to create mobile applications that 1) identify various types of visible symptoms, coupled with other specific non-visible symptoms, to help in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and 2) make it more economical for companies to create applications that provide such capabilities.


The image recognition technology relies on AI and Deep Learning to identify images.  Companies can use the Reveel Protocol to create their own DAapps for free and leverage an expanding open source body of AI image recognition models and data sets to create and launch new image recognition applications faster and more economically than ever.


They’ve also niftily gotten rid of the conventional and inefficient ‘proof of work’ model that currently persists on the blockchain, replacing it with training the AI model as the proof of work, saving energy in the mining process.


CEO Jim Schreitmueller is more than happy to comment on this new technology, proof of work, AI and the fast-moving blockchain market as a whole.


Do let me know if you’d like more information or a demo of the Reveel technology.


Editors notes:


Reveel was founded in 2014 after it was accepted into Tech Wildcatters, a top 10 Forbes accelerator.


In 2015, it started its first test runs with outdoor sports brand Realtree where their image recognition technology was deployed to work across TV programs, an online video, catalog and magazine advertisements.


In 2016, the company closed a $2M seed investment round with Cervin Ventures, a Silicon Valley venture fund that was then topped up with a further $500K in January and again in August of this year.


Reveel launched 14 magazines this year, and currently has on board 15 employees.


You can find out more about why Reveel is so enticing to investors right now by visiting:


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