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Abuse survivor turned self-made millionaire inspires readers with her book



Childhood abuse super survivor, serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire says the scars  can  fade and reveals the one thing to help improve our lives


  • Christine Clayfield took her early experiences of childhood abuse and a violent marriage, to turn her life around. She shares her life story in a book, so harrowing the faint-hearted have struggled to carry on reading. But stick with it they did to be rewarded with an account that rises from the ashes to one of extraordinary triumph.  21 years of cruelty and neglect resulting in a coma from sustained trauma would break many. Not Christine Clayfield, who purposefully chose to re-write her life. She defied the odds and became a self-made millionaire and a leader in a very male dominated industry.  

  • The golden nugget from this book is to  never give up.  You may have been dealt a rough hand, but do not let this shape your life, YOU are the one who can choose to make your life incredible.


  • A secret that Christine reveals in her book is her purple picture frame. Purple frames are expected to be a must-have as readers are already inspired by this proven success tool.  In Christine's case, her frame is regularly changed as she gets just what she dreams for though sheer hard work and determination.



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Serial entrepreneur and author Christine Clayfield says:

"These scars can fade. I suffered extreme domestic violence at the hands of my tyrannical father during my childhood in Belgium. He told me I was worthless and useless during his many physical punishments. After surviving a coma that I was put into at the hands of my first husband who was also an abusive man, aged 26, the worm turned and I set about being in control of my life and proving all my detractors that  I am worth it and that I could do it.

I am now a self-made millionaire having set up over 15 businesses using the guts and determination I didn't have during my childhood.

"My mission is to inspire children and adults who are victims of domestic violence and to show them that there is the light at the end of the tunnel".

Christine wroteNo Fourth River, a novel based on a true story. A profoundly moving book about a woman's fight for survival. It makes very challenging reading as you witness the events she endured in her life but the story ends well when she totally turns her life around and discovers sport and then running multiple businesses that helped to take her away from what she has suffered.

Christine is available for interview to talk on the topic of domestic abuse as a survivor and about her life as a successful entrepreneur.


In business she can talk about:


  • Becoming a self-made millionaire after 21 years of abuse and cruelty
  • Setting up and running 15 successful companies
  • How to create multiple streams of passive income
  • Self-published 650 niche books under pseudonyms
  • Succeeding as a female market leader in a male-dominated industry
  • Internet Marketing
  • Property investment
  • Female breadwinner
  • POD (Print On Demand) and how it has changed the Publishing Industry
  • Entrepreneurship


As a result of her childhood she has various health conditions and anxieties:

  • Irreparable short-term memory problems. When she has to do something, she writes it down immediately; otherwise, two seconds later, it will be wiped from her memory forever. This is because of too much stress as a child and young adult
  • Anxiety when in a room: given a choice, she will never sit in a room where she can't see who is behind her.  She needs to feel safe and see what's coming at her. For example, in a restaurant, she always chooses a table so she can oversee what is going on and nobody can creep up on her. This is as a direct result of bad memories when her first husband used to attack her from behind and hit her with his full fist on her back. 
  • She has a deep, low voice. People on the phone often call her "sir." This low voice is apparently due to too much stress as a child.
  • She has Restless Legs Syndrome. One specialist believes that this might be because her legs have been wet during the night or have been on damp sheets, due to her bedwetting, for a large part of her life.






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