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Press release: EasyTags – innovative, reusable laser etched clothes tags


Press release: 14thSeptember 2018


EasyTags - innovative, reusable laser etched clothes tags


EasyTags are a very clever and cost effective labelling system offering permanent labelling of clothes but with the option of removing them if necessary using the dual purpose applicator tool.

The reusable tags measure 12mm across and are laser etched with individual names to order and then simply applied to the garments care tag using the applicator tool. The tags will withstand domestic and industrial laundering as well as dry cleaning. They will also withstand ironing and are bleach proof.

The tags can be removed but only with the dual purpose applicator meaning they can be reused with new backs when needed.

EasyTags are ideal for use in care homes, schools and nurseries.


Note to Editors:

EasyTags by Easy2Name £15.95 for 25 tags & backs, £19.95 for 50 tags & backs, applicator £9.95, 25 tags backs & applicator £25.95, 50 tags backs & applicator £29.95. Extra backs are also available.

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