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NHS turn to Prismm Environmental to help recycle its curtains


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Press release

28thAugust 2018


NHS turn to Prismm Environmental to help recycle its curtains

Prismm Environmental has been approached by The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn to help find a recycling solution for its disposable curtains.

Thousands of curtains are replaced each week in hospitals due to Health and Safety Regulations including those covering non-infectious areas of the hospitals. This leads to the items going into the general waste for either landfill or waste to energy.

Curtains are usually made from a multi-material plastic, making them difficult to recycle, especially due to the hooks.

To help the hospital, Prismm ran a trial, collecting the curtains and putting in place a specialist process to separate the different plastics.

"The trial proved that we could successfully collect and sort the different materials and that the resulting material was of a high enough quality to become a viable commodity," said Mike Jackson, managing director of Prismm Environmental.

Since launching the trial earlier this year, Prismm has collected 8,455kg of disposable curtains for recycling and is now encouraging other hospitals to use the scheme to divert these from their general waste stream.


For more information, contact: Paul Sanderson at Hanicke Robins Sanderson on 0774 778 5980 or emailpaul.sanderson@harosa.comor Alex Bean on 0779 669 7550 or