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Press release: The rear facing Axkid Move


Press release: 9thAugust 2018


The Axkid Move - rear facing for longer is the safest option for your child



Keeping children rear facing in the car for longer is becoming increasingly more popular in the UK simply because of the added safety that it offers in the unlikely event of a collision. In Sweden, where Axkid the manufacturer of the Move originates, as with most other Scandinavian countries, keeping children rear facing for longer is customary. In 2009 the British Medical Journal recommended that rear facing is the safest way for children under 4 years to travel in a car.

The Axkid Move is a Group 1 & 2 seat making it suitable for use for children from 9kg to 25kg in weight, keeping your child rear facing for longer. The seat is fitted with ASIP (Axkid Side Impact Protection), an innovative side impact protection system developed together with a highly regarded crash institute in Germany which provides the best possible protection in the event of a side impact collision.

The Axkid Move is secured using the vehicle's existing standard 3 point seatbelt while the support leg, which can be extended by pushing just one button, allows easy installation in almost any vehicle. The Move has two recline positions and the headrest has three fixed positions ensuring that your child is not only safe but also comfortable. Should more recline be needed then the Axkid adjusting wedge will ensure this is carried out safely.

The seat cover is removable for washing; the Axkid Minikid complies with ECE R44/04.


Note to Editors:

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Children have fragile, flexible and poorly developed neck muscles. When a child is forward facing and a frontal collision occurs the child's head is flung forward in the seat. This will cause an enormous amount of stress in the neck. A child's neck and spine are vulnerable because their spines are still soft and not solidified like an adult.


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