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Eleanore and the Lost Release My True Nature (Revisited)



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Eleanore & the Lost


Eleanore Duggan and her band,the Lost announce a national release:

"My True Nature (Revisited)"





Introducing the singer/songwriterEleanore Dugganand her band,Eleanore & the Lost.  


    • At the bottom of this letter, you will find links to her music and music videos;
    • I have also enclosed a publicity photograph.


Eleanore is a rare talent with a mesmerising stage presence and voice.  Although often likened to Kate Bush,
her voice is unique, with a four octave range and a beautiful, rich quality that is at once both hypnotic and
emotionally vibrant.


Eleanore & the Lost came into being in 2010 following the release of Eleanore's debut album "Parlour Game",
since which time she and the band have enthralled audiences with stunning live performances which
have showered them, quite rightly, with compliments. 


Currently finishing off the last part of her second album "The Gift" (which is being released in three parts),
Eleanore's first song from the final section (Part III), "North Star" is due for release soon.  However,
I thought that you might appreciate a more in-depth
introduction to this special artist first, so I have provided
you with a direct link to one of the songs from Part I of "The Gift" (the whole album will be released online
and on CD once complete):



With many thanks for your time and consideration,


Yours sincerely




Sharon Duggan (Band Manager); telephone: 01483 271469

Instagram: eleanoreandthelost

Twitter: @EleanoreLost

iTunes & Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play and more....



Photography by Lydia Bennett


(for immediate release)




WWF(UK) originally commissioned Eleanore to compose"My True Nature"asthe theme song for their 50thanniversary.  It was also subsequently used as a stimulus piece for a nationwide competition by the same name.  Eleanore then re-released the song in a full band version for Part I of Eleanore & the Lost's second album
"The Gift" (to be released in full both online and on CD, once complete).


In the original brief from WWF, Eleanore was asked to capture her own feelings about the natural world to inspire those taking part in the accompanying competition aimed at 11-16 year olds.  The song delivers in bucket loads, reflecting on how we fail to recognise our reliance on the natural world, and how reconnecting with it brings us
back to ourselves as part of "the whole" - then there is the glass shattering top D in the bridge....ultimately the message is that we need to look with "different eyes" to appreciate all that is around us.


The "My True Nature" music video is available to watch here:


or you can listen to it by searching on the Media page on the Eleanore & the Lost site here:




For more information and interview/feature opportunities, please contact Sharon oninfo@eleanoreandthelost.comor telephone on 01483 271469.