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Identify Impending Lung Damage at a Glance

The New PulmoVista 500 Software: Identify Impending Lung Damage at a Glance

The software version 1.20 is available as an update for existing Dräger electrical impedance tomographs

-       "Diagnostic View" automatically analyses diagnostic PEEP[1]manoeuvres to determine optimal PEEP

-       "Regional Ventilation Delay Index" indicates harmful shear forces in the lung

Hemel Hempstead - Since its introduction in 2011, Dräger has consistently enhanced the operation and user interface of the PulmoVista 500 Electrical Impedance Tomograph (EIT). The new diagnostic function of the 1.20 software increases the benefit of EIT in intensive therapy: Until now, the EIT device has enabled doctors to observe how successful the individual attempt was to keep the lung open with a changed PEEP. This helped to ensure an even ventilation of the lung regions. "Diagnostic View" goes one step further: from observing to analysing and documenting. This new function directly shows whether lung regions are at risk of collapsing or overstretching when ventilated with a specific PEEP. Orange-coloured regions stand for a decreasing compliance due to excessive pressure values and indicate an incipient overstretching. White-coloured areas represent derecruited lung regions which are at risk of collapse. This way, the software helps to adjust the optimal PEEP at the ventilator for each individual patient.

Practical Aids
In addition, the PulmoVista 500 software update also offers some practical innovations.

  • With the push of one button, the "Enhance Contrast" function directly shows the doctor purple-coloured regions that are an important aid in choosing the correct belt position. Moreover, purple regions can also indicate fluid accumulations, such as pleural effusions, in typical lung regions.
  • The display of the "End Insp. Trend" and "ΔEELI Trend[2]" trend data was designed to be more flexible, allowing, for example, to change the ROI (Region of Interest) or to zoom in for short treatment periods during a longer measuring process.
  • The determination of the RVD (Regional Ventilation Delay) index highlights the diagnostic standards of the new 1.20 software. This value is based on the scientific assumption that a delay in filling individual lung regions during inspiration indicates cyclic opening and closing. In such a situation, large shear forces occur in the affected lung regions, which the software now makes visible directly at the patient's bedside.

Software version 1.20 for the PulmoVista 500 is manufactured by Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA.

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24th July 2018


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[1]Positive end-expiratory pressure
[2]ΔEELI expresses changes of regional end-expiratory lung impedance that can be interpreted as changes of the end-expiratory lung volume.