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New data logger offers enhanced functionality and ease of use





New data logger offers enhanced functionality and ease of use



Labcell, the UK distributor for METER Group (previously known as Decagon Devices), is now supplying and supporting the EM60G data logger for use with soil sensors and other environmental instrumentation. Compared with previous models, the new logger offers a number of benefits and vastly improved ease of use. In particular, the new EM60G helps to overcome the problem of having too much data to collect and store.

Designed to be a truly plug-and-play data logger, the EM60G automatically recognises the type of sensor that has been connected to each of the six ports, which simplifies set-up and saves time; analogue, digital or pulse sensors from the extensive METER range can be used with the EM60G. Furthermore, the new logger benefits from built-in sensors for barometric pressure and temperature, which in many cases frees two ports for use with other sensors, and an integrated GPS enables automatic recording of the location where data is being collected. Depending on the configuration, the onboard 8MB non-volatile flash memory stores 40,000 to 80,000+ records, and the logger's cellular connectivity transmits data for remote monitoring, analysis and backup.

Set-up and configuration are extremely quick and easy thanks to hardware, software, firmware and connectivity that is all designed to operate together seamlessly. Users just need to set the recording interval and connect the sensors using 3.5mm ‘stereo jack' connectors. A USB port is provided so a PC can be connected for set-up and data downloads.

If data is being logged in remote locations or over extended periods, the EM60G's integrated solar panel maintains charge in the device's NiMH batteries to power, read and log data from six external sensors as well as the logger's internal GPS and pressure and temperature sensors, plus reliable power is available for the cellular communications link.

Labcell is the sole UK distributor for the METER (formerly Decagon Devices) range of data loggers and soil sensors. Download detailed data sheets directly from Labcell's website atwww.labcell.comor contact the company with specific enquiries or to request a demonstration by telephone on +44 (0)1420 568150 or





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