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Lari Yugai and her non-invasive treatments launch in the UK
 Lari Yugai and her non-invasive treatments launch in the UK

Therapist, Lari Yugai, who is famous for her work in Poland brings her unique non-invasive acupressure practice to the UK.

Using her expertise, she has developed a treatment protocol that solves the cosmetic problems everyone faces as they get older.

Lari said “Seeing how my own face was changing over time, I applied the acupressure techniques I knew to address the visible signs of ageing. I also changed the shape of my face, including my jaw line and nose.”

She has taken her background in traditional methods of manual therapy and built on them with studies in alternative medicine and massage. With this knowledge, she saw how traditional and contemporary methods could be combined into something very powerful.

Lari said “My method is non-invasive and involves acupressure and massage, targeting key points on the face and feet. This accurate application of pressure also stimulates the circulatory system and offers relaxation while removing toxins and stress.”

With her treatment room in Mayfair, London, Lari's treatments can do more than just counter the effects of ageing. They can correct natural defects by modelling the face, cheeks, lips, nose, and chin, giving a toned look without the need for plastic surgery. She can also improve the look of scars and has helped her clients correct the errors of cosmetic surgery.

For 40 years, Lari has smoothed wrinkles, lifted eyelids, and corrected natural defects.

With an expert hand, she can stimulate the circulatory system and reactivate the facial muscles and collagen. Together, this helps gradually eliminate wrinkles and fine lines while improving the skin, returning a more youthful look to the face. This makes is a popular choice for both men and women who want to regain their youthful glow.

Her treatments can also help more than just the face. Her body treatments can help correct flatfoot and bunions, making feet more beautiful and less painful. She can also help with the extension of vocal range, reduction of migraines, and improved sleep.

Unlike many cosmetics, Lari's unique methods can give a visible difference after the first treatment, and the effects last longer than traditional cosmetics. Many clients who had regular treatments i.e. six treatments over few months, has seen permanently improved look even years after the last treatment. They are a safe alternative to the chemical-based cosmetic treatments. With accurate pressure and motions, and no equipment other than her hands, Lari's treatments are highly effective.

The success of Lari's treatments and the interest in them have also led her to create a private training course for other practitioners. This course includes four modules, teaching techniques for the treatment of foot problems, muscle treatments, the reduction of wrinkles, and overall well-being. Through this training course, she is able to share the benefit of her treatments with people around the world.

Treatments include:

Facial Treatments

·         modelling of the face oval

·         lifting the dropping eyelids

·         lifting and modelling of the cheeks

·         lips modelling

·         lifting of the mouth corners

·         modelling of the nose

·         modelling of the chin

·         smoothing the skin in the neck and face

·         soothing scars

·         correcting errors of cosmetic surgery

·         removing mimics wrinkles

·         correcting natural defects

·         gradual elimination of wrinkles and fine lines by the reactivation of the muscles

·         gradual improvement of the skin through stimulation of the circulatory system

Body treatments

·         correction of Flatfoot and bunions

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