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HOWND's crowdfunding campaign launches innovative antimicrobial dog bowl


HOWND's crowdfunding campaign hopes to raise $50,000 to bring innovative antimicrobial pet bowl to market

For immediate release: London 28.6.18HOWND, the multi-award winning pet care brand, has just launched a reward-basedIndiegogocrowdfunding campaign for its new innovative HERO Bowl.


It was invented to provide antimicrobial protection for dog food and water bowls and is set to be the most hygienic bowl solution on the market.




In an increasingly hygiene conscious world, the patent-pending HERO Bowl is the ideal food and water bowl for pet owners that care as much about their pets' hygiene as their own. The innovative HERO Bowl has built-in antimicrobial technology provided by BioCote®, a world leader in antimicrobial technology.

The BioCote® technology is present throughout the HERO Bowl, providing premium antimicrobial protection even if scratched or chewed, protection that will last for the expected lifetime of the bowl as it does not wash off or wear away.


With recommended retail prices starting from approximately £18/$22 this innovative bowl is set to disrupt the pet accessory market

Studies have shown that 67% of dog bowls coming out of the dishwasher still have Salmonella present on their surfaces*. A superior alternative to a stainless steel product, the HERO Bowl has 24 hour protection from a technology that works constantly to reduce microbes by up to 99.99% on the protected surface. Although all pet bowls should be cleaned regularly, including the HERO Bowl, the effects of cleaning are short lived and once they have worn off an unprotected bowl is subject to recontamination, leaving bacteria to thrive unchecked until the next clean.


Unlike on an unprotected bowl, the risk of microbial cross contamination from the HERO Bowl is actively reduced as the BioCote® technology continues to perform against the colonisation of bacteria, perfectly complementing existing hygiene practices. BioCote® has been proven to reduce up to 86% of bacteria in just 15 minutes, 99.5% in two hours and has even been proven to inactivate the H1N1 virus.


With modern day dog owners taking more interest in the health and hygiene of their pets than ever before, the HERO bowl is also ideal for multiple pet households as well as vet surgeries, grooming salons, rescue centres and kennels where bowls are often shared and hygiene is of the utmost importance.

With a contemporary ergonomic design, the HERO Bowl is made from recyclable polypropylene and will come in a range of HOWND matt brand colours with a gloss logo to suit any home decor; with a non-slip base; twin side cut outs for easy handling; a high curve interior with angular corners for easier feeding and shifting of food; and is dishwasher safe. Available in two sizes: 18cm and 23 cm.


HOWND, a rising star in the pet sector, has been setting tails a wagging in the industry since its launch in 2015. HOWND has won multiple accolades for its ground-breaking vegan and cruelty-free pet care products and its high profile Bring Your Dog To Work annual charity fundraising day. It won the coveted Petquip Product of the Year in September 2017 (accessories). All HOWND pet care products are certified Cruelty Free International. They have been awarded the prestigious Leaping Bunny Award, and are endorsed by The Ethical Company Organisation and the Nature Watch Foundation.

Jo Amit, co-founder of HOWND explains: "We know from the success of our HOWND pet care range that animal lovers are prepared to go to great lengths for their pets to ensure they enjoy a happy and healthy life. We live in a time where people are using antibacterial hand gels and cleaning sprays as well as other hygiene solutions, and we saw a gap in the market for an antimicrobial pet bowl solution. Animal health and welfare is at the heart of everything we do and launching the HERO Bowl is the logical next step for us as a company whose whole ethos is about protecting and caring for our precious furry friends".


Jo Amit and Mark Hirschel the founders of HOWND searched long and hard to find the right material for the bowl, to ensure that any materials they used met with the company's strict ethical standards. They eventually found and partnered with BioCote® who are pioneers in antimicrobial technology.

BioCote®'s Head of Partner Development, Jennifer Collier says: "BioCote® is thrilled to be partnering with HOWND to develop a unique range of antimicrobial pet bowls. This emerging brand's immense passion for producing ethical, quality pet products is truly inspiring, and we look forward to helping them deliver yet another fantastic product to the market."

"As a forward-thinking company, it's important for us to continually evolve and drive new innovative product development. The HERO Bowl is a perfect example of this, and we are very excited to be launching this crowdfunding campaign and creating a product which offers pet owners important health related benefits and ergonomically designed functionality" says Mark Hirschel, co-owner of HOWND.


You can back HOWND's HERO Bowl onIndiegogo.



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HOWNDis a multi-award-winning natural pet care brand that manufactures ethical products for happy hounds. Certified by Cruelty Free International,  and endorsed by the Nature Watch Foundation and The Ethical Company Organisation, its range of products are designed for dogs of all breeds and life stages.

HOWND's range of Cruelty-Free certified products has been created to pamper our best friends so they will look, feel and smell gorgeous. Other products in its top-selling pet care range include: conditioning shampoos, moisturising body mists, natural colognes and parfum, natural dry foam wash shampoo, and hemp-based SPF balms, as well as the best-selling "Yup You Stink" antibacterial emergency dog wipes.
HOWND has recently been awarded accreditation by the Ethical Company Organisation. HOWND also has coveted Leaping Bunny certification from Cruelty Free International and is endorsed by The Naturewatch Foundation.
The company is the mastermind behind national ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day' and makers of the viral social brand movie ‘When Harry Met Hero.'

About BioCote®

The BioCote® antimicrobial technology included throughout the material of the HERO bowl has been proven to perform in real life settings, not just in a laboratory, and has been proven effective against microbes that can negatively impact a product, the user and the environments the product is in.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) found pet bowls to be the fourth most germ-filled place in the home.

*67% of pet bowls still have Salmonella bacteria even after dishwasher cleaning, because dishwashers don't get hot enough to kill that and several other types of bacteria.* Dishwasher reference

Bring Your Dog To Work Day
Bring Your Dog To Work Day (as seen on ITV's This Morning, Waitrose Weekend and The Independent) is an annual nationwide event that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs.
Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2018 is Friday 22ndJune
When Harry Met Hero
Inspired by a true story, When Harry Met Hero was made to promote the adoption of rescue dogs and raise awareness of the #AdoptDontShop campaign against puppy farming. Words sometimes fall short of describing the connection we have with rescue dogs, but Harry and Hero represent this idea perfectly on-screen. To demonstrate our support for rescue dog adoption, we pledge to donate 50p from every online sale to the charity All Dogs Matter.
The Harry Met Hero video went viral and has now been seen over 10m times on Facebook and has helped raised awareness and funds for the causes we are passionate about.