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4 tips on how you can reduce scar tissue problems after surgery


4 tips on how you can reduce scar tissue problems after surgery

  • Scar tissue causes restrictions that can compromise muscle function and put strain on your whole body
  • Myofascial Release treatment is provided by the specialist therapists at Holisticare, who can work with your body to find and treat the cause of your symptoms.
  • Every year the world's top tennis players are being plagued by injury and needing surgery
  • They then typically struggle to return to form and suffer repeated injuries to the same area

Expert Physiotherapist Nikki Robinson explains how you can help yourself to prevent these problems.

4 tips on how you can reduce scar tissue problems after surgery

  • Drink plenty of water - if you are dehydrated your blood flow is reduced and your body's healing mechanisms will be compromised.
  • Gentle movement  - scar tissue needs to be able to respond to the movements that it will be doing
  • Relax - stress has been shown to slow wound healing and it tenses your muscles, which will contract the wound
  • Stop smoking  - the effects of smoking reduce your circulation, slow the speed of healing and affect the quality of the scar tissue


Nikki says; "In my experience, if you are able to have treatment to release the area before surgery, you will have a better outcome afterwards. Then your body will be in the best position to cope with the operation and the wound will have less strain on it as it heals. This means that the resulting scar will be looser both on the skin and internally and is much less likely to cause other problems in the future. "




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Note To Editors:

Nikki is one of the top Myofascial Release Physiotherapists in Europe and is passionate about providing outstanding treatment in her field of expertise. She qualified as a Physiotherapist from the Queen Elizabeth School of Physiotherapy, Birmingham in 1993 and then worked in the NHS and in Australia.

Following that she trained in Myofascial Release in the UK and in America with John Barnes, the American Physiotherapist who developed the technique. In 2006 she founded Holisticare, one of the few specialist Myofascial Release practices in Europe, opening a purpose built treatment centre in 2010, and expanding in 2017. Today the practice has over 2000 patients, who travel from all over the UK to be treated by Nikki and her team.

Nikki's book Riding Without Pain will be published in the UK on 30th Nov 2018 and in the US in April 2019. This is a practical guide for all horse riders on how to treat and prevent pain.

A member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, Nikki is also a member of the Fascia Research Society, ensuring she has access to the latest fascia research and journals from round the world to keep her knowledge and skills up to date.