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Batch Control for Formic Acid

Press Release June 2018 - Bell Flow Systems

Batch Control for Formic Acid

Bacth control for formic acid

A client was looking for a solution to measure a process involving a solution of water and formic acid, and approached us at Bell Flow to assist. The customer required a solution for dispensing specific amounts of formic acid solution for use in their drain cleaning products. After a meeting with the client, we discussed their current process and their desired changes. The most appropriate solution was to install a complete system of batch control for formic acid.

Formic Acid Challenges

Formic acid is a chemically aggressive substance. Considering the nature of the substance, we had to check the compatibility of construction materials, and also any seals. The most suitable material for the task was 316 stainless steel. 316 Stainless steel has excellent chemical compatibility, corrosion resistance, but is particularly effective in protecting against corrosion in acidic environments.

Bell Flow quoted three products to fit the brief accordingly - a Blancett B1100 turbine and solenoid valve, both in stainless steel. And finally, a Fluidwell F130 batch controller, with mechanical relay output to complete the set up.

This allows the customer to enter the volume required into the batch controller. The flow is subsequently measured accurately by the flow meter. Pulses are then sent to the batch controller, which in turn closes the valve at a set value. Allowing for controlled, precision batch measurements.

This system ensures accurate batch control for formic acid. Ultimately producing an end product of consistent quality specifications.

Products used:

Fluidwell F130-P Batch Controller

Blancett 1100 Series Turbine Meter


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