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Challenging High Viscosity Glucose Flow Measurement in Soda Manufacturing

Press Release - Bell Flow Systems May 2018


Challenging High Viscosity Glucose Flow Measurement in Soda Manufacturing

Bell Flow Systems was approached regarding a rather challenging task of glucose flow measurement. A production line specialist needed a solution for controlling the glucose flow measurement in a newly built processing plant for a large, UK based soft drinks manufacturer.

The glucose was to be pumped through stainless steel dairy pipes and heated to a temperature of 45⁰C. Thus producing a viscosity of 5000 centipoise. Due to the kind of product being manufactured, it was essential to have hygienic connections. The application also specified the installation of digital batch controllers. This was in order to allow operator control of the production process. These dual stage batch controllers offer intelligent over-run correction and two-stage valve closure for accuracy and repeatability.

The system would accurately dispense the exact quantity of glucose for the user-specified mixture each time. This was critical so that the recipe for the soda remained the same and the taste didn't vary from batch to batch. Due to this high working viscosity, it was determined that a positive displacement flow meter was required.

Glucose Flow Measurement


Macnaught oval gear meters for glucose flow measurement

Bell Flow Systems offered one of the Macnaught oval gear type positive displacement meters. This particular range of meters are constructed from food grade stainless steel. Thus making the meter suitable for hygienic application. High viscosity stainless steel rotors allow for measuring viscosities over 100,00 centipoise. Hygienic tri-clamp connections, FDA approval, and locally mounted IP67 rated batch controllers completed the selection.

The oval gear meter principle ensures that there is flexibility of installation. Because there are no straight lengths of pipe needed before or after the meter, they can be installed vertically or horizontally. Additionally, these meters create an exceptionally low pressure drop - which was critical to the application.
The Macnaught range of oval gear flow meters are extremely versatile. They have a wide range of application, in addition to being well suited to food and drink manufacturing. 

 Further application examples include: 

Metering & monitoring aggressive liquids
Marine fuel measurement
Offshore chemical injection measurement
Diesel additive injection
Polymer blending and dispensing
Calibration & test stands
Dye & ink metering
Brine measurement
Abrasive oil measurement - tallow & palm oil  

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